The Leakproof Containers that Kitchn Editors and Amazon Shoppers Can’t Stop Buying

updated Jun 30, 2021
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Someone looking inside refrigerator.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

When I was younger, I would tease my mom for getting excited when she received a new dishtowel as a gift, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started geeking out about small home and kitchen items, too. I’ll admit it: I love great food storage containers as much as my mom loves a pretty dishtowel. They make life so much easier, and at Kitchn, we’re big fans of these Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers, which have nearly 30,000 (!!) five-star ratings on Amazon. Even better? A ten-piece set of these editor-favorite finds rings up at just under $20. 

According to our food editor, Kelli, what makes these containers so special is their locking lids. “I never realized how much I questioned the lids on most storage containers until I got a few Rubbermaid Brilliance containers,” she says. “Nothing — nothing! — is leaking out of these containers, and for that, I’m super into them and would recommend them to anyone I know.” Secure latches mean there’s no need to worry about spills in the fridge or freezer, plus your food will stay fresher longer. As one happy customer notes, “You actually get an airtight seal and it really helps keep foods fresh, even keeps guac from browning.” Score!

Kitchn staffers also love that the lids come with built-in vents below the locking clamps. You can pop them open so steam can escape while you’re microwaving the contents (yes, the containers are microwave safe … and splatter resistant!). They’re also dishwasher and freezer safe, making them super easy to wash and ideal for meal prep and more. The crystal clear containers are made from BPA-free Tritan, so it’s easy to identify what’s inside, but they’re much lighter and easier to carry than glass. Bonus: The containers stack perfectly on top of each other to maximize your fridge space.

The set comes with two 1.3-cup, two 3.2-cup, and one 9.6-cup containers (plus lids), so no matter what you’re whipping up, you’ll have the right sizes for your ingredients and your leftovers. One Amazon reviewer even stored pasta sauce in one and forgot it in her freezer, only to find it and have it wash up just like new!

Don’t just take it from us (and our Kitchn Essentials list) — 30,000 Amazon customers swear by these containers. As one customer raves, “This is my 3rd set because I ADORE them! Tight fit, stack perfectly in my fridge, freeze well, microwave well with vented sides when latches are up! They have been dropped, tipped over and quite frankly brutally beaten up by my crew and I haven’t cracked or broken one to date!” Another reviewer agrees, commenting that they’re “Sturdy. Air tight. Stack beautifully in both the cupboard and refrigerator. Will last a lifetime. I could go on for hours extolling their virtues.” Turns out, my mom and I really aren’t that geeky after all!

Buy: Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers, $19.98