This TikTok-Viral $12 Egg Dispenser Saves Tons of Fridge Space (and Is So Fun to Use!)

published Mar 14, 2023
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a hand picking a brown egg from the top of a pile of brown eggs
Credit: Kitchn Video

If, like me, you spend an embarrassing amount of time watching TikTok videos, you know that creators on the app are constantly going viral for promoting novel products. After a while, you develop the skill of being able to weed out the gimmicks and focus on those that might actually improve your quality of life, even if only in a small way. Whether it’s a water bottle that you can drink from in two different ways or an attachable tray that turns your sofa armrest into a side table, there are a surprising number of worthwhile finds promoted on this (sometimes chaotic) app. The best, though, is when you stumble across something that looks fun and silly — but actually works. That’s the case with this rolling egg dispenser that one of our staffers recently saw in a video. At just $12, it’s well worth a try, and reviewers seem to love it. This gadget might just be your next must-have fridge organizer.

What first caught our attention about this egg dispenser is the fact that it looks like a blast to use. Cooking at home can be a timely, tedious process, so why not inject some whimsy into preparing your next meal? This tool essentially consists of two tiers that can hold up to 14 eggs at once. You just take the first egg from the bottom, and the rest slide down and forward. Not only does the dispenser hold more eggs than the average carton, but it’s also slimmer and sure to take up less space on your fridge shelf. At just 3.4 inches wide, it won’t feel like a bulky obstacle, even if you’re working with a small fridge. What’s more, because the eggs slide forward on their own, you won’t have to do any serious maneuvering to get however many you need. That’s right — no more rummaging through the shelves, carefully pulling out the carton, and opening the lid before having to stow it away again. The dispensing method is much more efficient in every way.

Credit: Amazon

Additionally, you’ll always be able to see when you’re running low on eggs and need to restock. There’s nothing worse than getting all your items out to make a breakfast sandwich or a veggie omelet, only to realize you don’t have the key ingredient! And, of course, you’re not limited to storing the dispenser in your fridge. You can also place it on the counter, in a cabinet, or wherever else you see fit. There’s virtually no aspect of this clever little gadget that isn’t a pleasure to use.