Amazon Prime Discounts Rolling Out Nationwide at Whole Foods

(Image credit: From Left to Right: Hadrian/Shutterstock; Whole Foods Market)

It’s been a little over a year since Amazon announced that it would be buying Whole Foods, and that merger is starting to result in a lot of new perks for Amazon Prime members who are also Whole Foods shoppers. Now, starting on Wednesday this week, Amazon Prime members all over the country will be able to get special discounts and an extra 10 percent off sale items at all Whole Foods and Whole Foods 365 stores.

Turning Amazon Prime members into Whole Foods shoppers, and Whole Foods shoppers into Amazon Prime members seems like a primary goal of a discount program like this, and it seems to be working. Amazon first started giving Whole Foods discounts to Prime members six weeks ago, but it was only at a select number of stores in Florida. The company has been adding more and more stores to the program, and now, as of Wednesday, June 27, the Prime discounts will finally be available nationwide.

“Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — in fact, Prime members have adopted this benefit at one of the fastest rates we’ve seen,” said Cem Sibay, Amazon Prime’s vice president.

This means that Amazon Prime members will get access to special “Prime member deals” at Whole Foods stores, and they will also get an extra 10 percent off any items with yellow sale tags. (Not alcohol, though.)

The specific discounts change weekly, but right now they include the following:

  • Baby back pork ribs, animal welfare rated and no antibiotics, $4.99/pound (save $5/pound)
  • Sockeye salmon, wild-caught Marine Stewardship Council-certified, $13.99/pound (save $6/pound)
  • Organic red cherries, $3.99/pound (save $2/pound)
  • Organic yellow peaches, $1.99/pound (save $2/pound)
  • Mochi ice cream, including flavors like chocolate, salted caramel, and green tea, self-serve, 5/$5
  • All bulk items, including favorites like nuts, granola, dried fruit, and hundreds more, 25 percent off
  • Organic Honest Lemonade, 32 ounces, 2/$3

To get the discounts, Prime members will have to check out with the Whole Foods app, or give the phone number associated with their Amazon Prime account at checkout.