Get Your Space Spotless with Prime Day Deals on Dyson, Bissell, and More Editor-Favorite Cleaning and Organizing Finds

updated Oct 11, 2023
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When big sales like Amazon Prime Day roll around, you might feel inclined to go straight for the flatscreen TVs, home appliances, and other big-ticket items. This is definitely a foolproof strategy, but you don’t want to skip out on all the amazing organizers and cleaning products that are also going for less during this two-day event. Right now, you can find tons of editor-loved brands and shop our staff’s tried-and-tested favorites for less. This includes utensil organizers from Joseph Joseph (one of our favorite small-space brands), cult-favorite Dyson stick vacs, a tiny but mighty air purifier, and so much more. You’ll find our top picks listed below, and if you’re not already a Prime member, now’s the perfect time to sign up so you don’t miss out. Your orders will be at your door in just a couple of days, and they’ll have your floors and countertops sparkling in no time.

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There's a reason this vacuum is a well-known favorite, and it's not only because the V8 is one of Dyson's most affordable offerings. This lightweight cleaning essential has the power and durability that the brand is known for; plus, it specializes in tackling pet hair, which is pretty game-changing. The vacuum's long-lasting filter is washable, and your pet's hair won't clog the vacuum. Plus, the V8 is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver.

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It’s easy to let your under-sink area fall into disarray with cleaning bottles in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom. With this two-for-one pick, though, you’ll have a two-tier organizer to go in each spot, optimizing your cabinet spaces. The bottom drawer even slides out for easier access to your items!

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The Molekule Air Mini+ is the perfect air purifier for small rooms, and though it has a small footprint, its unique technology captures 99.97% of small particles and gets rid of organic pollutants including pet dander, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold, and more. Plus, you can track your indoor air quality over time on the easy-to-use app.

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Say goodbye to streaky shower walls when you buy the HIWARE squeegee. It's made to hang inside the shower, wet or dry, to make cleaning easy and efficient. The gadget also gets into corners, ensuring no spot is left behind. What's more, Amazon shoppers largely that this is the best shower squeegee on the site, and it's so affordable, too.

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Forget the bulky carpet cleaning machines; this small but mighty upholstery cleaner gets rid of food stains, pet accidents, and all other messes without forcing you to lug around a heavy device. Use the TikTok-favorite device to steam cleans rugs, carpets, sofas, armchairs, car seats, and more. Its dual spray and suction function also make sure stains are gone for good.

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Meal-prepped or leftover food is one of the biggest causes of clutter in the fridge. Eliminate the piles of plastic-wrapped bowls in yours, and opt instead for this six-piece Pyrex container set. It includes three glass rectangular containers of varying sizes with coordinating tight-fitting lids, all of which are dishwasher-safe. The durable glass won’t absorb flavors, so you can store prepped meals, snacks, or marinades without compromising your dishes.

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Everyone seems to favor steam mops nowadays, but this less expensive option is just as effective. The O-Cedar Easywring mop comes with a bucket that has a built-in wringer, which you can activate with a simple press of the foot pedal. You'll also find the mop's microfiber head to be highly absorbent and ideal for deep cleaning.

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If you're sick of having a corner or cabinet dedicated to your recycling pile, now's the time to snag this 10.5-gallon dual trash and recycling bin from Rubbermaid. It has separate color-coded bins, a foot pedal for hands-free use, and a lid that closes slowly and quietly. There's even a lid lock feature that allows the lid to stay open for longer periods of time, say if you're taking out the trash or wiping out the cans.

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Our staffers are major fans of this small, sleek, and portable handheld vacuum, and it's easy to see why. The machine is attractive enough to leave out, and it comes with a charging dock, where it lives in between cordless uses. Additionally, the hand vac has an impressive suction power level despite its lightweight frame of just over one pound.

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was $14.99

At just over 4 inches wide, this space-saving cutlery and utensil organizer will help get your silverware drawer in order, making more room for other kitchen gadgets. The non-slip feet help keep it in place, and the convenient icons help identify what goes where — no matter who empties the dishwasher.

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As the temps drop, you might be spending more time indoors, so investing in a good vacuum is a must. The Shark Ultralight PetPro corded stick vacuum actively grips and captures stubborn dirt, dust, and pet hair on carpets and floors — it also weighs less than three pounds, so it’s easy to move from room to room, so you can keep the whole house spotless.

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We might have found the ultimate shoe organizer. This bamboo storage rack is a double-duty wonder. Able to hold up to eight pairs of shoes, the rack also features a built-in umbrella stand, effectively killing two birds with one stone and saving you valuable entryway space.

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was $59.99

Some steam mops can be harder to operate than necessary because of all their bells and whistles. But this slim, simple Black + Decker mop is ready to use in just 30 seconds and does a great job of lifting scuffs, stains, and all other residues from hard floors. Its 12-foot cord won't become tangled as you work, and when you're done, the microfiber head comes off seamlessly and can be reused.

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Keep you under-sink area clutter free with this rolling organizer, which can hold hand towels, cleaning solutions, and trash bags, with plenty of space to spare, thanks to the extra basket that you can hang on either side. The handle makes it effortless to carry supplies from room to room.

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From seasonal clothes in the closet to keepsakes in the attic, you can never really have too many plastic storage bins. These come with secure lids to keep your belongings airtight and safe wherever they’re stowed away.

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Optimize your closet with this space-efficient, three-tier organizer that’ll corral all of your sweaters and pants — it even has a strip on the edge of each shelf that keeps items from falling off!

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A robot vacuum is a lifesaver if you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning, and this self-charging one is built to tackle pet hair, carpets, and hard floors. “This one will have a schedule and I can kick it off by my phone!” a reviewer, who recommends using it a little every day, said. “I can see improvements over my 10 year old one and this new one.”

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A wet-dry vacuum will save you tons of space — no need to have a vacuum and a Swiffer on hand! This lightweight, cordless version from Tineco has technology that detects wet or dry messes on hard floors and adjusts accordingly to deliver the best results.

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In addition to storing your cookware, organize your bakeware is a great idea, too, and YouCopia has you covered here as well. This adjustable bakeware rack has seven dividers to hold baking sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks, and more.

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If you’re not into having your shoes out on display with a traditional shoe rack in your entryway, try this stylish alternative. The rattan on the front of each drawer gives this piece a boho flair, and each of the three drawers tilts outwards, fitting 12 pairs overall.

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This offering from editor-favorite organizing brand YouCopia takes the classic Lazy Susan to the next level with three removable clear bins with handles, making your pantry items even easier to reach.

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From dirty walls and grout to countertop stains, the Pink Stuff cleaner deserves all the hype it gets on social media for how many messes it can get rid of. It even removed crayon marks from the walls of contributor Ashley’s home: “I’ll be using this stuff for heavy-lifting jobs on my walls going forward, and saving the Magic Erasers for more durable surfaces,” she wrote.

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With over 39,000 5-star reviews, this pantry organizing hack will open up a ton of surface area on your shelves. It can hold up to 36 jars or cans, and there are adjustable dividers so that it can accommodate a variety of sizes.

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On AT’s list of best stain removers, this one earned the title of best spray. Contributor Ni’Kesia said that it has become a staple in her home. “Whether I need to remove a tough stain on my clothes from running around outside with my dog or need to get a food stain out of the couch or carpet, this stain remover can do it all. An added plus? It smells so good!” she added.

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This portable jewelry organizer is a favorite of senior commerce editor Alicia’s. “The two biggest selling points for me were that the organizer takes up maybe 1 inch of width in my space, and I can see absolutely everything I own in one place, which makes getting ready so much easier,” she noted in her review.