The Best Deals to Shop From Amazon This Presidents Day Weekend Including Apple, KitchenAid, and Breville

published Feb 15, 2023
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There’s a good chance you’ve been perusing the slew of Presidents Day sales that are live this weekend, especially if you frequently visit our site. It’s our goal to bring you the best holiday deal events out there, and then some. See, some brands might not have dedicated sales ahead of Feb. 20, but that doesn’t mean you should skip over them during your shopping search. One such site is Amazon. There, you can still find plenty of otherwise pricey tech gadgets and home finds, even if they’re not all listed under the same banner. Whether you’re looking for your next Apple product, kitchen tool, or bedroom accessory, you can find it on Amazon for less. We’ve listed our top picks below, many of which are editor-tested favorites. The deals aren’t expected to last, so get your cart ready, check them out, and don’t waste any more time!

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Cordless, compact, and easy on the eyes, this sleek handheld vacuum is a must-have cleaning product according to our commerce SEO editor. "I knew this vacuum was special, picking up everything from dust to crumbs with extreme ease," Sarah wrote. "By the time I was done using it, my place was spotless, and I had found a new go-to." The included crevice tool also transforms into a brush tool, which leaves blankets, accent pillows, and other soft surfaces free of lint.

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You don't have to spend hundreds to obtain a high-quality Dutch oven. Case in point: This editor-loved Lodge pot. It's made with the same cast iron technology and attention to detail you associate with higher-end brands, plus it's coated in a chip-resistant porcelain enamel finish that comes in nearly 30 shades. The pot also has easy-to-grab side handles for safe and seamless cooking.

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was $32.97

This internet-famous table lamp is a tad expensive at full price, but now you can snag it for under $30! It's available in eight colors and bathes your space in a soft glow, eliminating the need for harsh overhead lighting. Want tons of compliments on your space? This adorable fixture will do the trick.

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was $249.00

Make your work commute more entertaining with the Apple AirPods Pro, which fit seamlessly and cancel out external noise. Whether you're riding on the train, working out at the gym, or walking the grocery store aisles, you can unobstructedly listen to your favorite music and podcasts without worrying about a tangled cord.

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was $29.99

Not to put you on edge, but dirty dryer vents are one of the most common causes of house fires. It's best to err on the side of caution and invest in one of these $16 cleaning hoses. It's long, flexible, and efficiently removes all the hard-to-reach lint from the vent in minutes. This product is great for deep cleans and weekly touch-ups alike.

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It might look complicated to figure out at first, but this space-saving closet system is actually quite easy to install — just grab a drill, a measuring tape, and some screws. It's also highly customizable because you can move the shelves and brackets around until you find the best configuration for your items. You basically get two closets for the price of one.

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Make the most of your limited bathroom space with one of these tiered cabinet organizers. Senior commerce editor Alicia loves hers. "I’ve come across my fair share of inside-the-cabinet organizers but this one is more innovative — and requires no tools to build," she wrote for our sister site. "Instead of an organizer that has two tiers fused together, this organizer allows you to easily slide the tiers in and out." You can also place yours in the kitchen, on top of your desk, or really anywhere that requires extra shelving.

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was $229.99

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies needs this air purifier. Not only is it super compact and easily portable, but you also can't help but love its iPod Shuffle-esque appearance. Our editors love how quickly it removes dust and debris from the vicinity and that it gives regular updates on the air quality in your home.

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was $37.99

If you've ever had to deal with a narrow sink counter, you know what a pain getting ready can be. Luckily, there's this sink cover that was designed to increase your vanity space, even if only temporarily. "Using it couldn’t be more simple: I simply unfold the mat, place it over my sink, and voilà — no additional assembly required," Alicia wrote after trying it. What's more, the silicone mat is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, so you can place your hot tools on top of it.

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was $69.99

Those who look forward to their daily cup (or cups) of pour-over coffee need a gooseneck kettle such as this one. Its thin, curved spout allows for better control when brewing and also looks incredibly elegant. The Cosori kettle won’t take up precious stovetop real estate, plus it has temperature-specific controls for the perfect cup.

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Sarah swears by this under-sink organizer, noting that it's exactly what she had been looking for. She went on to add that this sleek, two-tiered home find "helps take advantage of vertical space (the cardinal rule of small-space living) and looks good while doing it." Keep yours in the kitchen to hold cleaning products, or perhaps in the bathroom for cosmetics and shower accessories.

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was $24.99

You'll quickly come to find that Swedish dishcloths are like paper towels, but way better. For example, they're much more absorbent and thus perfect for mopping up spills. And unlike their wasteful counterpart, the cloths are reusable (just throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty) and biodegradable. When dry, they become stiff and easy to stack.

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was $300.00

Le Creuset might be most famous for its Dutch oven, but this 3.5-quart Sauteuse oven is equally great for everyday cooking. It's also more lightweight than the industry favorite and, overall, ideal for making soups, stews, and even sautéeing veggies. Additionally, there are 10 stunning colors to choose from.

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was $41.99

Soft, fluffy, and under $30 — as far as bedding goes, it doesn't get much better than that. This bestselling duvet insert sports box-style stitching and piped edges that keep the filling in place so you don’t get any clumps. It's available in six standard sizes and 14 colors, so it'll even look nice if you choose not to insert it into a separate bed covering.

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was $349.95

This luxurious toaster oven has not one, not two, but nine functions, so no wonder it's classified as a "smart" appliance. It toasts, broils, reheats, and more while also significantly reducing cook time. You can fit meals of all sizes inside its nearly 20-inch-wide toasting compartment. More food prepared in less time — sounds like a worthy deal.

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was $37.99

This scrubber brush has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. Its spinning head takes the hard work out of cleaning tile and other hard surfaces, cutting through dirt and grime effortlessly. The brush, which comes with two attachments, can even be submerged under water and used to do the dishes. Just be sure to recharge it when you're done.

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was $79.99

Amazon shoppers swear by this easy-to-assemble steam mop, which heats water in just a couple minutes and leaves floors looking brand-new. It's also lightweight and a breeze to maneuver, not to mention so much better looking than multicolored alternatives. And you don't have to wait an eternity for your floors to dry after you pass over them.

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was $59.99

A food chopper isn't something most people use on a daily basis, but it's good to have in case you need it for meal prep. As a result, it doesn't make a ton of sense to splurge on one. Luckily, you can buy this high-quality KitchenAid chopper right now for just $40. It's the tool you need for homemade salsa, hummus, guac, or really any liquid to semi-solid food. And it doesn't take up a ton of space.