It’s Finally Time to Buy This Cult Kitchen Tool

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There’s a reason most of us don’t follow an all- or even mostly-fried-foods diet. Packed with saturated fats and oils, fried foods can raise your blood pressure, cause high cholesterol, and improve your likelihood of heart disease. (Plus, we know that salads and smoothies are good for us!)

But companies know that most of us prefer a French fry or chicken wing over a plate of raw carrots. And so many small appliance brands have been bringing us countless models of air fryers. Instead of using piping-hot oil, air fryers circulate hot air at a high speed, leaving your food with a crispy layer. The result? Delicious, relatively healthier fried food.

We know not everyone is on board with the air fryer craze. Some people love the idea of healthier fried food, while others are convinced it’s a total gimmick. Whether you love them or love to hate ’em, chances are you’ve at least thought of trying an air fryer.

Well, here’s your chance.

Right now, Amazon is taking more than $70 off Philips’ Viva Air Fryer. You may already love Philips for its smart lightbulbs and shavers — and the brand makes some solid kitchen gadgets, too. This model features a 28-ounce frying basket and claims to cook food with up to 75 percent less fat.

For what it’s worth: People really love this air fryer. Not only did it receive an “Amazon’s Choice” badge, it also has a 4.2-star rating (out of five) and more than 1,000 positive reviews on the site. Kitchn’s Commerce Editor, Marshall Bright, sent this exact model as a gift to her cousins in Chicago. “They’re medical residents and they swear by it,” she says. “And they’ve convinced a lot of people in our family to get one as well.”

On sale for $109, this fryer is by no means cheap, but now’s a better time than any to buy. Amazon price-tracking site CamelCamelCamel says it’s the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon.

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