This Under $20 Amazon Organizer Saves So Much Cabinet and Counter Space — and It Has Over 10,000 Five-Star Reviews

published Jun 6, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

If you’re anything like me, many parts of your kitchen (and I mean many) are constantly on the brink of chaos. One wrong move — a pan pulled out from the middle of the pile, a new addition to my cookware collection — and the whole house of cards that is my kitchen “organization” is falling to the ground.

Because of this delicate balance, I’m constantly on the hunt for gadgets and solutions that will make an ever-illusive organized kitchen that much more attainable. Enter: the DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer, a simple and practical system that — I promise— is about to reinvent how you organize your kitchen cabinets.

Made from sturdy metal and available in a trio of finishes (silver, bronze, and white), this unassuming organizer promises to calm the cookware chaos hiding within your cabinets. Here’s how it works: Place it either standing up or laying on its side (genius!) and use it to separate and hold any number of cookware pieces, from a slew of different pans, skillets, and lids to cookie sheets and cutting boards. Each durable metal “shelf” is hearty and able to hold a decent amount of weight, meaning even your cast iron pan collection is no match for this organizer.

With this simple addition to your cabinet, you can say goodbye to clanking through pots and pans on your quest for the right dinner companion — everything is seamlessly laid out before you, with each piece boasting its own “home” that keeps it from scratching or damaging its nearby cookware companions.

We’re not the only fans of this piece though — in fact, we’re in good company, with over 10,000 happy customers bestowing a coveted 5-star rating on this organizer. “I was skeptical about ordering this. I have a large collection of cast iron pans and it’s such a pain having to lift them all out to retrieve the one I need,” says one reviewer. “I had this sitting in my cart for a couple of months until I finally took a chance and ordered it. I am so glad that I did! It easily holds all of my cast iron pans, and there is no warp or bend from the weight between each pan. It is very solid and sturdy. I use mine upright, with each pan over top of the one below it. It has made my cabinet much more organized and no more pinched fingers trying to power lift them all out! This is easily one of my favorite kitchen purchases in a while.” Another happy customer raves, “I can’t believe it took me so long to make this minor investment for my sanity!”

Right now, Amazon is offering this fan-favorite cabinet organizer for nearly 50 percent off, making it the perfect time to spring for one (or two, or three!) to kick your kitchen organizational efforts into high gear. Sign me up!