This $5 Amazon Find Is the Secret to Keeping Your Oven Cleaner Longer

published Dec 16, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

There’s nothing even remotely fun about cleaning your oven, a chore that often involves bending over, squatting, and even twisting. You’re not quite kneeling, but you’re definitely not standing as you try to remember what meal that brown crusty bit was from.

No, cleaning your oven isn’t an enjoyable experience — and with the holiday season in full swing (and baking becoming an endurance sport), chances are you’ll be staring into that dark, hot cavern way more than you would any other time of year. As careful and perfect as you aspire to be, drips and spills are basically inevitable.  

That’s why I love the Afaxinrie oven liner. No, it’s not a fantastical forest fairy, but it is something that brings disproportionately large amounts of joy and freedom from oven-bottom crust. It’s $5 and you can find it on Amazon.

Made from 0.2 mm-thick PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric, it feels a bit like plastic wrapping paper and easily slides into the bottom of your oven. The 15.75” x 23.62” size was a perfect fit for my LG, but it can be cut to fit and installed around heating elements. It works with gas or electric ovens, and is safe for temps up to 500 degrees.

Given the price tag, I thought it might be disposable, but it can be washed easily with a sponge. The only caveat: It’s quite thin and does crinkle easily, so treat it gently getting it in and out. If crinkled, it could develop a hole and allow those drips and spills to get through.

Overall, I highly recommend this little piece of Spill-Whatever-You-Want magic, which extends the time between oven cleans and helps me maintain my sanity.