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This Simple $13 Amazon Find Keeps My Kitchen Tidier Than I Ever Thought Possible

published Oct 21, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

The single greatest purchase I’ve made this year — and nope, this is not hyperbole — is a strip of silicone. There are few mundane things less tolerable to me than the mysterious messes that collect in the gap between the oven and the countertop (apologies if you’re like me and already gagging). Preventing the need to move the oven and clean these areas in the first place is key and something I didn’t know was possible before I discovered oven gap fillers. They have since become one of the most stress relieving parts of my year.

Linda’s Silicone Oven Gap Fillers, which come in a pack of two 21- or 25-inch long strips, are designed to be placed right in the thick of high heat situations — up to 446-degrees Fahrenheit, specifically. Because they’re silicone, they stay put on their own without the need for a sticky side. Once you remove them from their packaging, you’ll notice their T-shape design. Just place the vertical strip underneath in the gap, allowing the horizontal top part to shield anything from dropping inside. The width and length are both able to be trimmed, so you can customize a perfect fit to any gaps between surfaces, be they between your countertop and sink, your oven and fridge — what have you.

Because my biggest concern is the atrocity that develops between my slightly ill-fitted oven and the countertops on either side, I opted to use the matte black strips, but they also come in white and a pretty impressively invisible clear. I trimmed the width down on mine, which was easy and made them look like they’re just a seamless (if you will) part of my kitchen’s design.

They’re as safe around food as they are around high heat, being BPA- and PFOA-free. And while you can definitely just give them a wipe down with a cloth and water or even some cleaning solution if you’re already wiping down your surfaces, you can easily remove and rise them. But if you made a mess and couldn’t get to it for a while, they’re also dishwasher-safe, so there’s no struggling to scrub away residue from a floppy, silicone strip.

I plan to buy more packs of these and fill every gap I find, from the front-facing areas between my oven and cabinets to the gap between my fridge and the floor. I’ve already given them as gifts, but the satisfaction that came with setting them up myself has me offering to do it for them, too. Now that I’ve discovered a life of cooking without the horrors that hide behind, between, or underneath appliances and surfaces, I sleep better, my skin is clearer, and the sun shines brighter.