This Hot-and-Cold Brew System Is Like Having a Personal Barista — and It Has More Than 8,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

published Mar 29, 2022
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Pouring a glass of cold brew coffee
Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you’re anything like us, morning is the best part of your day because, well, coffee. As the days begin to warm up, many of us are switching up our coffee routine and opting for iced coffee or cold brew over soul-warming lattes. However, home-brewing iced coffee can be a pain, so having the ability to pivot between hot and iced coffee without a trip to the corner coffee shop is game-changing. While we have our fair share of favorite espresso, drip and pod, and cold brew machines, we never dreamed of having just one machine that could tackle both temperatures. That is, until we heard of the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Like all other Ninja products, the Hot and Cold Brewed System reinvents an everyday kitchen appliance and is affordable (we’re talking under $200 and on sale right now for even less). This countertop machine may look like your average coffee maker, but allow us to assure you — it does so much more. The machine is equipped with two brewing baskets (one for coffee, another for tea) with removable filters, a measuring spoon, and a 50-ounce glass carafe, most of which can be stored inside the machine for clutter-free counter space. With six brew size options — ranging from travel size to full carafe — and a fold-away frother, you’re able to concoct the coffee order of your dreams.

In fact, Amazon reviewers (over 10,000 of them!) shared a wide variety of uses for the machine — some love it so much, they practically wrote novels. “Even the frothing and cleanup is a breeze,” wrote one customer who just received their machine, “I can’t wait to make every possible combination of tea and coffee beverages.”

The Ninja brewer is good for newbies and pros alike—one reviewer even compares it to their job at an espresso shop. “I used to have a job as the manager of an espresso shop. I am snobby about my coffee (and tea). Anyone who knows about the intricacies of balanced drip coffee flavor knows that a great deal depends on the temperature of the brew. This machine delivers. Brewed at the perfect temperature, you can brew cheap coffee grounds or high-end fresh ground beans and both come out with outstanding well-balanced flavor.” So basically, not only is the machine itself affordable, it’s going to continue to save you money overtime. 

With a smart system that detects what you put into the basket, the machine is programmed to know just how long (and at what temperature) your brew should be. So whether you’re whipping up a creamy cappuccino or a smooth cold brew, all you have to do is press a button. If you do ever happen to feel like you’ve lost your way (we doubt it), this Ninja comes along with a recipe book and guide, which can help take the guesswork out of the few tasks the machine doesn’t already do for you.

Finally, don’t worry if coffee’s not your thing, the Hot and Cold Brewed System works just as well for tea, making it a great appliance for families with multiple beverage preferences. One tea-loving reviewer shared: “I have a Teavana system that I really like, but I have switched and now use this for making tea, too. I promise you, your tea will not have the slightest coffee taste because the filter and compartment holding the filter is completely different than what is used for coffee.”

See? Perfect for anyone, any time of year.