The Bestselling Chef’s Knife on Amazon Only Costs $22 and Has More than 1,800 5-Star Reviews

updated May 1, 2019
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Not only does Amazon make it easy to get all sorts of stuff delivered to your door in a near instant, but it also makes it easy to get all sorts of good stuff delivered to your door. In addition to its often-lengthy and extremely detailed customer reviews, the site also tracks — and shares! — data on its bestselling items, category by category. Armed with this information, you can buy something that’s well-received by customers and popular. Fun, right?

Let’s let’s look at the most popular chef’s knife (because chef’s knives can get pretty pricey and because I promised we would, based on the title of this post).

The bestselling chef’s knife on Amazon is this 12-inch option from Mercer Culinary, a brand that tends to be less expensive than other well-known brands like Wüsthof, Victorinox, or Shun. Actually, Mercer Culinary currently happens to dominate this bestseller list — taking three spots in the top seven listings — but we’re here to focus on that most popular one. (If you haven’t heard of Mercer Culinary before, the main thing you should know is that its knives are mostly sold to culinary students and restaurants.)

The listing touts a high-quality Japanese steel blade, an ergonomic handle, slip-resistant textured finger points, and more. While the company-provided talking points are good to read, what’s really useful is that list of reviews. You know, from the real human people who made the knife so popular.

First, it’s important to point out that the reviews for this knife are mixed up with other Mercer Culinary knives (because Amazon is what it is), but that just speaks to the brand’s quality.

One reviewer compared the 8-inch knife to the Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch chef’s knife, which is one of our favorites here at Kitchn and, although it’s also not a super-expensive knife, it’s still about double the price of this 12-inch option. (The Victorinox is $44.) Most commenters were surprised at how sharp the knife is right out of the box and confused by the rock-bottom price, saying it should have cost so much more. Another reviewer gave the knife five stars … only because 10 stars isn’t an option.

I got my hands on this popular knife and agree with all of these reviewers. It’s not the prettiest knife to look at, mostly talking about the handle here, but I’ve been burned by pretty-but-not-so-functional knives. It’s surprisingly sturdy, sharp, balanced, and comfortable. I’d guess culinary students like it because it’s easy to control, which is surprising coming from me because I usually prefer a shorter knife. And I gather that chefs find it comfortable to hold — even when they’re on hour five of potato-cubing prep.

And it’s only $22! Did I mention that?

Have you tried this knife or any other option from Mercer Culinary? Add your thoughts in the comments below.