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This Olive Oil is So Good, I Buy It In 3-Liter Jugs

published Feb 9, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Paola + Murray; Food Styling: Drew Aichele

My mother always told me that extra-virgin olive oil wasn’t meant to be used for cooking. However, after years of relying on it as my go-to cooking oil, that statement proves to be false! Time after time, EVOO has proven itself to be the absolute MVP of my pantry.

When I was a line cook at Misi, we would easily run through a minimum of five of these three-liter tins of EVOO a day. Whether I was caramelizing garlic, grilling vegetables, braising artichokes, or finishing a plate with a touch of oil for good measure, every single dish on my station started and ended with this Monini Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

When I cook at home, I can say the same thing, since virtually all of my meals start with a dab of extra-virgin olive oil in a pot or pan, and end with a drizzle atop the dish. But unlike its short life span in an Italian restaurant, I can confidently say one of these bulk 3-liter tins will last a couple of weeks, or even months depending on your EVOO intake.

Before buying extra-virgin olive oil in these bulk tins, I’d run through a $10 bottle from Trader Joes in two weeks, tops. And of course it was always the heaviest thing in my haul. Let’s be real: Who wants to lug around a heavy glass bottle from the supermarket? And at the end of the day, buying in bulk is always more economical.

As a product of Italy, this extra-virgin olive oil is one to trust for all of your your cooking (and eating). My preferred method of consumption involves a fresh piece of sourdough bread swooshed through a puddle of EVOO, with some flaky sea salt if I’m feeling fancy. I truly use it for everything from frittatas and crispy chicken cutlets to my go-to lazy girl salad dressing of lemon, oil, salt and pepper. This oil is perfectly mild to cook with without being overpowering, while rich enough to really enhance flavor.

Pro tip: Once your tin arrives, take your kitchen shears or a metal bench scraper and stab a small slit in the top of the tin. This creates airflow for an easy pour into your oil canister. Store the tin in your pantry, or another cool, dark place to grab whenever you need a refill.

Now, it’s time to get cooking! Might I suggest frying up meatballs, roasting extra crispy brussels sprouts, or even make your own focaccia from scratch. I’m telling you, this extra-virgin olive oil has your back.