This Sleek Gadget Is the Only Way I Cook Eggs Now and It Saves So Much Time on Meal Prep

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Smashed egg toast close up on plate.
Credit: Photo: Justin Bridges | Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang

A perfectly cooked egg can make anyone fall in love with these protein-packed morsels of goodness. Whether it’s fried, scrambled, or boiled, you want the egg’s yolk and white to both have a desirable texture and flavor, enhanced with just the right amount of salt. However, achieving eggy perfection usually takes some amount of skill, and it is all too easy to squander an egg’s potential by overcooking it. That’s why I’ve started to rely on a new tool for all my hard- and soft-boiled eggs — because it turns out a perfect egg every time.

This countertop egg cooker has become my go-to device for making eggs because it’s easy to use and produces foolproof results. I’ve never been a fan of hard-boiled eggs — something about the crumbly texture of the yolk, the gray layer around it, and the smell is just totally unappetizing to me — but I’ve been willing to try soft-boiled eggs every once in a while. The problem was that I didn’t know how to cook them to the exact softness that I like. Now, my eggs always turn out amazing, and I didn’t have to do anything except push a button.

What is the Mojoco Rapid Egg Cooker 

This small kitchen appliance cooks up to four eggs at a time by heating them in a small amount of boiling water. To operate it, just set your eggs in the cradle and add enough water to reach the internal line labeled BOIL. Then, put the lid on top, press the Mode button, and select one of the three doneness levels: Onsen Tamago, Soft-Boiled, or Hard-Boiled. After about 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the level you selected, your eggs will be ready. Although Onsen Tamago takes as long as Hard-Boiled, it actually produces an egg that is softer and silkier than Soft-Boiled. Onsen Tamago eggs have a runny yolk and a just-barely firm egg white, and they’re delicious in noodle soups, over salads, or on toast.

You can also make an egg custard in this device using the included ceramic ramekin. After you add your eggs to the ramekin and whisk them, set it inside the machine, add water to the STEAM line, and select the Steam mode. By adding fillings such as shredded cheese, chopped herbs, crumbled meat, or diced vegetables, you can turn the simple custard into a complete and savory entrée.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

Why I Love the Mojoco Rapid Egg Cooker 

I’m a big fan of this egg cooker because it removes all the guesswork from making perfectly boiled eggs. I’ve always had trouble boiling eggs in a saucepan, and I appreciate that this machine consistently gets it right and even sounds an alarm to let me know I need to retrieve my eggs before they become too firm for my liking. If you’ve ever overcooked an egg, you know the disappointment and resentment of eating something you don’t even want. With this tiny appliance, you’ll never experience that ever again (at least at home).

I was also pleased to see how compact the cooker is. When I’m using it, it takes up less space on my counter than my electric kettle does. And when I’m done, I can make space for it on a shelf without having to move other stuff around too much. I usually avoid adding appliances to my kitchen because I have such little space to work with, but I’m so glad I made an exception for this egg cooker — it really is as eggcellent as it looks. (We had to!)