Why This Is the One Microplane We Think Everyone Should Have in Their Kitchen

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Want more zest in your life? Or maybe just more cheese? Say hello to the Microplane. While the company makes a vast array of graters and rasps (and even foot files), we found that for most home chefs there’s really just one we all need — the 40020 classic zester/grater.

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So what makes this microplane so grate? (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!) It falls in the “just right” category that Goldilocks was looking for in her food, chairs, and bedding.

The grating edges are small enough to handle all sorts of jobs, like turning spices into fine powders and grating hard cheeses. The surgical-grade stainless steel blade also stands up to repeated use and resists dulling. (And, as a perk, is also dishwasher-safe.)

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Our Favorite Uses for This Microplane

1. Zesting Citrus

Box graters, which tend to have larger holes, aren’t ideal for zesting. You need the fine edges of a rasp for that. The grate on this Microplane is fine and sharp, and it’s designed so that you won’t get the bitter white pith when zesting. A gentle touch is all that is required, which also helps prevent accidentally grating fingers instead of food.

2. Grating Parmesan

The sharp, small edges of this tool are also ideal for tackling hard cheeses with ease. Even better, the resulting cheese is beautifully fluffy and cloud-like — perfect for finishing dishes. If you only need a small amount of softer cheeses, like cheddar to quickly melt on eggs, you can use this guy. No need to lug out a box grater!

3. Pain-Free Ginger

Equal parts fibrous and flavorful, ginger can be a pain to mince. But this Microplane can turn the tough root into a soft paste that will add big flavor to dishes. It’s even sharp enough to grate from frozen. If you hate mincing garlic, you can also use the microplane for those tasks as well.

4. Easy Decorating

Wanna feel really fancy with minimal effort? Grating fancy chocolate with this creates beautiful wisps that can top off cakes and cookies. Fresh-grated spices, like cinnamon and allspice, are also festive ways to top off desserts, cocktails, and baked goods.