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The Budget-Friendly Steak Knife Set That Makes Me Feel Like a Pro

published Jun 14, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn

Because I don’t typically eat red meat at home, I’ve never put much thought into my steak knives. Nope, instead I unquestionably accepted the set that my roommate brought to my apartment with blades that had become as dull as butter knives. I’d already stocked my kitchen with my favorite chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife — what more did I need? After too many dinners struggling to slice through a piece of chicken breast or root veggies, I decided it was time to see what options were out there. 

I wound up trying out a set of steak knives from Amazon in an effort to find a pick that was budget friendly yet still high enough quality for effective use. I wound up with the Master Maison 4-Piece Ultra Premium Steak Knife Set, which includes four full-tang non-serrated steak knives. They have a great weight to them and feel like a much more expensive set, even though they cost less than $10 a knife. I was instantly pleased.

Master Maison is known for its professional-quality knives at affordable prices for all levels of home cooks. This steak knife set is a great example, coming in at under $40 while featuring full-tang blades made from premium high-carbon German stainless steel. I immediately loved the weight of each knife, and the ergonomic handle felt comfortable in my hand. And it doesn’t hurt that these beauties are quite stylish, delivering the classic look that you’d expect to find in a steak knife at a restaurant.

Credit: Erin Cavoto

Since receiving these knives, I’ve used them for a wide range of meals, whether halving a breakfast sandwich, slicing through broccoli stems, or cutting a piece of chicken breast. The blade glides straight through whatever I’m cutting without any effort on my part. I wasn’t expecting these knives to be so sharp for the price, but they’re almost as impressive as my chef’s knife! I get a clean cut every time, and the non-serrated design makes them more versatile for slicing through fibrous veggies, too.

I’ve also started reaching for one of these steak knives for quick tasks like slicing a lemon, cutting strawberries, or dicing an onion. It saves me from dirtying my larger chef’s or santoku knives, and when I’m done, wiping down the smooth blade with a sponge is quick and easy.

I didn’t realize a set of steak knives could make such an impact on my everyday cooking, especially as someone who rarely cooks red meat. However, these Master Maison Steak Knives truly impressed me and have earned a spot in my kitchen for good.