The $27 Kitchen Find That Will Make Your Sink So Much Tidier

published Aug 15, 2022
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Even if you think you know what you want, sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what to buy when you’re shopping for items for your kitchen. Take sink caddies, for example. Sink caddies are designed to help you organize the essentials you keep near your kitchen sink (think: soap, sponges, dish brushes), which sounds like a pretty straightforward purpose… and yet endless options abound in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you’re not sure exactly which one is right for you, we hear you. That’s why we found an option that will be the perfect fit whether you rent or own, are short on space or have countertops for days (#jealous). Meet the Kohler Multi-Purpose Over-the-Sink Expandable Drying Rack.

This sleek Amazon dish-drying-rack-caddy combo is a stainless steel rack that hugs either end of your sink, no installation necessary. Instead of taking up usable counterspace like other caddies do, Kohler’s hangs in the sink, making it what one user calls “one of the best things I’ve ever bought on Amazon.” Yup, no longer will your sponges and scrubbers drip water all over your countertops! With this baby, everything falls into your sink basin below. “Everything drips right into the sink, and air circulation below the rack helps the sponges dry faster,” explains one happy customer. “I bought one for both our houses, and it adjusted well to different sink styles… Keeps the counter by the sink less cluttered.” There’s even a removable compartment that you can use to soak dirty utensils or store your brushes and soaps, another way it keeps your sinkscape neat and tidy.

“We just renovated our kitchen and have granite countertops and I did not want clutter around my sink,” recalls another user. “I bought this and it was a great purchase. It extends to fit larger sinks and has a storage container that can be used to hold utensils, small dish soap bottle or sponges. The rack has a place to hang a dish rag and the extended area makes a great drying rack for my coffee mug/glass.”

And coffee mugs are only the beginning of the extra applications of this rack. Aside from giving your dishwashing essentials a permanent home, this kitchen find is perfect for letting washed produce drip into the sink with no mess or hanging longer utensils to dry, and you don’t have to worry about anything slipping out of place. “This fits across my undermount sink and rests on the countertop perfectly. The ends have a clear rubbery substance that holds the rack in place perfectly without slipping or sliding,” explains another buyer.

The genius of this Kohler find is its ability to fit nearly any sink out there. It expands from 14.6″ to 17.6″, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a place for it, whether you orient it horizontally or vertically. And since it’s only 5″ across, it still gives you plenty of sink to work with. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, so when it looks like it needs a cleaning, you can throw it in the dishwasher. It doesn’t get easier.

Lots of reviewers made a point to mention that the Kohler Expandable Drying Rack is a major upgrade over suction-cup-style caddies. Like this user, for example, who writes, “This is seriously the best large sink organizer out there. I have a deep, wide, single basin sink and I don’t particularly like suction cup organizers as they tend to slip or get knocked off over time. This organizer is genius… On the metal part of the rack, I have a Full Circle “bubble up” soap dispenser with my sponge and an OXO soap dispensing scrub brush and dish. In the metal loops, I store tall bottle brushes. Everything fits perfectly along the edge of my sink and stays steady, no matter what I’m washing or how much water is in the sink (which was an issue with suction cup organizers.) Highly, highly recommend.”

Right now, you can store this must-have Amazon gadget for just $27 — that’s 25 percent off the regular price! Buy yours now before the sale ends, and you’ll be organizing your own sink in no time.

Buy: Kohler Multi-Purpose Over-the-Sink Expandable Drying Rack, $27 (normally $36)