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This Chef-Approved Tool Is About to Become Your Go-To Kitchen Utensil

published Feb 15, 2022
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Chef Cooking Food In Commercial Kitchen
Credit: Alto Images/Stocksy

In the back of house at any restaurant, it’s very likely that every line cook, sous chef, and chef d’cuisine has a pair of JB Prince Tweezers, etched with their initials and tucked into their apron. You may think we just use them for fancy dishes, like placing orange slices on a glazed duck or arranging delicate herbs and edible flowers on salads. But, in reality, we use these for literally everything. And home cooks need a pair too! Now, let me introduce you to your new go-to kitchen utensil.

Don’t fear the name “tweezers.” We aren’t talking beauty tools here! These kitchen tweezers are 10 inches long, just like your standard tongs at home, but significantly less clunky. And trust me: These tweezers make precise cooking tasks so much easier.

Usually, when a recipe calls for roasting just about anything in the oven, you’re required to flip everything over halfway through. It sounds so simple, but in reality, you can’t ever seem to grab each individual broccoli floret at ease, and your wrist ends up twisting uncomfortably. Well, these slim tweezer-tongs make that step much more manageable. Your roasted potatoes will actually end up crispy and golden on both sides.

These tweezers come in handy in more ways than you’d think. Say goodbye to fumbling over a pot of boiling water while trying to snag a spaghetti strand to test with a fork. You’ll be grabbing hot pieces of toast straight out of the toaster oven and onto a plate, ready for butter and jam. And soon, you’ll be searing buttery scallops in a hot skillet one-by-one without racing the clock. You can use them to whisk up eggs, or make swirls and swooshes for marbled baking projects, too!

These tweezers tuck right into my apron, which allows me easy access to whip them out like the secret weapon they are. They’re always by my side to save crispy pieces of chicken skin from falling between the grill grates (the best chef’s snack, might I add)! I’m telling you, your tweezers will be your new best friend. You’ll never want to put them down. But when you have to, they’ll fit nicely in your utensil crock because they’re that sleek and compact.

Lastly, I’m going to be real with you here. There’s a gap between my oven and kitchen counter, and I have saved many falling food scraps that would otherwise be trapped forever with these little tongs. Take my word for it: These tweezers have your back in the kitchen.