This Odor-Absorbing, Touchless Trash Can Has More Than 31,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews — and It’s 30% Off Right Now

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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

No matter how clean you keep your home, there’s one place that’s inevitably a hotspot of dirt, germs, and the smelliest of smells — your kitchen trash. And if you’re trying to figure out how to limit those icky interactions, the best solution is to find something that not only keeps your hands off the garbage as much as possible, but also keeps odors at bay. That’s where the iTouchless 13-gallon Automatic Trash Can comes in to solve all your kitchen-waste woes. It’s an Amazon bestseller with over 31,000 five-star reviews, and (even better!) it’s currently on sale for 30 percent off. Normally $99, it’s now only $69.05 and ready to take on the trashiest of the trash.

Many (many!) satisfied users rave about the variety of smart features that this trash can offers, starting with the built-in motion sensor that automatically detects you from six inches away and lifts the lid, keeping your hands (and feet) free from possible contamination. Says one reviewer, “I never thought a trash can could make me so happy! My pet peeve — when trash can lids are gross or have greasy prints on them. This trash can solved just that.” It also has a stay-open mode for those bigger cleanups and can sense when your hands are still there, so it never closes on them. 

But where this product really shines is its ability to absorb and neutralize odors. Thanks to the natural carbon filter, you won’t be constantly changing the bag after roasting fish or cleaning up after the cat. With a large capacity and a retainer ring to prevent bags from falling in, this bin is designed to be stuffed full and still close. A quick sniff test will prove it, according to one user who notes that “even with it filled to capacity we only smell the nastiness for the brief moment the lid is open. Otherwise, you’d never know the horrors that awaited inside.”

Sounds fancy, huh? Well, even with all of its bells and whistles, the iTouchless Trash Can doesn’t require any special accessories. It fits standard 13-gallon kitchen bags and only requires four D batteries, which should last up to 18 months (or you can purchase an optional AC adapter). It also has an on/off lid lock and manual open/close buttons if you ever want to use it like a regular old trash can. And if you do, the exterior is fingerprint-proof and easily wiped down, so your kitchen stays spotless, just as you like it.

“I know it’s a garbage can but I LOVE it,” raves another reviewer, and we totally get the enthusiasm. It’s easy to get excited once you experience the joys of hands- and odor-free trash collection. Plus, when you snag this kitchen must-have at 30 percent off right now, you’ll not only be saving your nostrils but a good chunk of change in the process. Now that’s some good trash talk.

Buy: iTouchless 13-Gallon Automatic Trash Can, $69.05 (normally $99)