This Game-Changing Dish Rack Will Instantly Double Drying Space in the Smallest Kitchens — and It’s on Sale!

published May 4, 2022
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Anyone without a dishwasher knows how tedious scrubbing dishes can be after cooking a big meal. But what’s even worse? Barreling through a sink full of dishes only to discover there’s no room left on your drying rack. Instead of letting your dirty dishes sit in the sink or stacking them in ways that will leave them still damp the next day, it might be time to invest in a new dish drying rack. And while we have plenty of dish racks and drying mats we love, not many are capable of doubling drying space without taking over your counters. That is, until we discovered this super versatile Amazon find.

For anyone who is short on kitchen space, we love this iSPECLE 304 Stainless Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack that comes with enough room for all your plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and utensils. With over 11,700 5-star reviews, it’s clearly one of the best Amazon dish racks available and at an affordable price point. You’ll never have to play dish Tetris again thanks to the amount of drying space that will now be at your disposal!

While there are over-the-sink dish racks and collapsible options available, this compact yet large capacity find is ideal for anyone who is regularly washing dishes. It’s the type of dish rack you’ll keep on your counters and not put away, which means you don’t want one that’s bulky or too large. This iSPECLE Dish Rack checks both boxes of being compact yet having enough storage space for an entire day’s worth of dishes. 

The top rack features pegs for holding plates or pans while the bottom is designed for bowls, cups, mugs, and pots. And the storage space doesn’t stop there! It also comes with a utensil holder and side racks for keeping your cutting boards and cooking utensils like spatulas, shears, tongs, and more separate. We also love that each tier (plus the side!) comes with drainboards so your counters won’t get wet. And, its stainless steel design won’t get moldy or rusty.

While we can already tell this dish rack would be amazing in any kitchen, reviewers certainly had tons of positive comments. In particular, many loved how much space it saved while remaining functional. “I had never heard of ‘two-story’ dish racks, but am so glad this showed up in my search. It is perfect! This kitchen has almost no counter space, and this dish drainer leaves the front part of the counter available for other use, or I can put down a mat for bigger dishes when needed. Really happy with this purchase!” one customer wrote.

“I needed a dish drainer to fit into a small space. This double decker with all its little features really filled the bill. Special hooks for cups, kitchen tools, a slotted space for knives, a special place for a cutting board. Easy to assemble stainless steel with vinyl drip trays. Worth every penny,” another person commented, highlighting the added storage features.

Some even spoke to the sturdiness of this dish rack (which is capable of holding up to 110 pounds!). “I have had no problem standing a 12.5″ glass microwave turntable up in it on the far end of the top rack, with no worries of tipping, and I’ve put a round glass casserole dish (sitting flat), a medium-large saucepan (angled), and a good-size metal bowl (angled) on the bottom rack simultaneously. It’s very sturdy,” one reviewer said.

So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a new dish rack — or you want to add one to cut down on using the dishwasher — this two-tiered find will be a small yet mighty addition to any kitchen!