This Space-Saving Amazon Find Stores Your Spices in the Most Convenient and Stylish Way

published May 6, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

There are few things we love here at Kitchn more than clever storage solutions. In particular, we’ve written at length about genius ways to store spices, including sliding shelves, wall-mounted racks, and drawer organizers that can all protect your seasonings and keep them tidy. And while we’re huge fans of each spice organizer we’ve highlighted, we’re firm believers that you can never have too many options when it comes to kitchen storage solutions. 

If you’re looking for a way to store your spices that will take up absolutely no extra space in your kitchen, then look no further than these cool Amazon magnetic spice jars we recently came across. It’s just one of many smart magnetic storage solutions that will save tons of room in your kitchen, especially if you’re limited when it comes to countertops and cabinets. Of all the Amazon spice racks we’ve come across, these handy spice jars are without a doubt one of the best space-saving options!

The Impresa Magnetic Spice Jars come in a pack of 15 glass jars with magnetic lids that can each hold 1.75 ounces. Measuring just 2 inches, these jars won’t be too obtrusive on your fridge door or side. Plus, each jar has a hexagon design that allows them to stack together neatly in a pyramid-styled shape. A set of labels is also included for you to attach to the bottom of the jars for ease while you’re cooking and need to find the right seasoning ASAP. There are 60 labels included, so it’ll cover just about any seasoning you can think of whether it’s garlic salt, garam masala, or even lavender.

While a simple idea, you can rest assured knowing that these magnets are ultra-strong and won’t slide down your fridge. Yet they’ll still be easy enough to pluck off the fridge when it’s time to cook, then tightly screw the lid back on and store when you’re done. Even if you don’t want to install them on your fridge, you could also use a metal board or magnetic knife rack either attached to the wall or your backsplash.

With over 800 five-star reviews on Amazon, clearly this small space spice solution has made a big impact. Customers noted how practical these jars are. “I buy bulk spices for cheaper in reusable containers and then fill these jars, keeping the rest in the cupboard to refill as they get used up… I also love that I don’t have to dig in the cupboard for the big jars or flip through a spinning rack to find what I need. Very happy,” one reviewer said.

Many also appreciated how customizable they are, whether you stick them to your fridge, magnetic backsplash, or a magnetic board. “The short girl’s resolution to not being able to see into the spice cabinet! I love these!” another reviewer wrote, nodding to the fact that you can place these jars at eye level no matter your height.

And in addition to their versatility, it doesn’t hurt that they’ll add some character to your space, too. Several reviewers praised the stylish look of these jars and how much neater they were versus other spice storage setups. “It’s an artistic and colorful way to display my spices and seasonings. I love them,” one person said.  

For something a little outside the box when it comes to spice storage, these magnetic jars are the perfect solution. They’ll take up no space while being just as stylish as they are functional!