This Ingenious Gadget Turns Hot Coffee into Super-Cold Iced Coffee in Just 60 Seconds

published Jul 8, 2021
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Credit: Morsa Images/Getty Images

Iced coffee lovers, pay attention: I’m about to change your daily routine for good. Meet the HyperChiller, a patented game-changer that has more than 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. What’s so great about it? It can chill your coffee from hot to iced in just 60 seconds. That means you can be out the door — or at your home office — in practically no time, with a perfectly cold cup of iced coffee in your hand.

“I am an avid (i.e. daily) iced coffee drinker, but I have been extremely hesitant to make my own iced coffee at home because I didn’t want the bitter flavor from two-day old coffee or the watered-down nature of just adding ice to coffee,” says an Amazon reviewer. “Thanks to the HyperChiller, I have now found a solution!!! The HyperChilller worked like a CHARM today!!! I was able to create my own iced coffee directly from my coffee maker in the comfort of my own home. I guarantee this item will be used frequently! Great job!”

The HyperChiller is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is pour in a cup of coffee, and it’ll be chilled in 60 seconds, which cuts out all the work usually required to cool down a cup of Joe. And it works with all kinds of coffee makers, whether you use a drip style, a single brew, or a K-Cup.

“I drink coffee daily, but only iced coffee,” another Amazon reviewer comments. “This took only 6 hours to freeze. It did NOT disappoint!! I drink Black Rifle Coffee’s CAF which is strong. This makes it perfectly! I keep all the flavor as if it were served hot! What a great inventive idea, and I’m soooo glad I found it! If you like iced coffee … this is the way to go!”

And the HyperChiller isn’t just for coffee — it works on pretty much any drink you want to make, and keep, cold (think: wine, liquor, juice, and more). Since you don’t add ice (which eventually melts and thus dilutes your beverage), whatever’s in your glass stays flavorful and bold. “This product works exactly as described to chill whatever beverage you want without diluting it by pouring over ice,” another satisfied Amazon reviewer says. “I love iced tea but one of my biggest beefs is either having to chill it by diluting it or waiting it out in the fridge for hours. I’m the only iced tea drinker in my family so making an entire pitcher doesn’t make sense when I only want a glass occasionally. With the HyperChiller V2, problem happily solved. It lives in my freezer until needed.”

Even better? Since the Hyperchiller relies on regular water (not gel) to get the job done, there’s no need to worry about any unwanted chemicals being around your drink. Another bonus: All parts of the HyperChiller are dishwasher-safe, making it low-maintenance in every way. And at just $24.99, it won’t break the bank. We can all raise an icy glass to that!