The $10 Luxury That Makes My Morning Routine Feel Special

published Sep 6, 2023
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Milk cream iced cold brew coffee. Summer coffee cold drink cocktail with ice and milk
Credit: AliceCam/Shutterstock

One thing to know about me is that I love a fancy iced coffee. Whether it be a cold brew concoction from Gregory’s, a tried-and-true macchiato from Starbucks, or a shaken espresso from a local coffee shop, you better believe I’m going out of my way to treat myself to one. But my predilection for pricey caffeinated beverages certainly adds up, so I’ve spent the last few years perfecting my at-home coffee routine. 

What started with bottled cold brew from the grocery store has now evolved into a full-on process. We have a coffee subscription for freshly delivered beans, a particularly beautiful and precise grinder, a scale for measuring grinds out into the Chemex, and a baby blue, retro-inspired espresso machine from Smeg. With all this gear, we’re able to produce quite an array of top-notch coffee drinks, but one of the simplest additions to the lineup might actually be my favorite: reusable glass straws

What’s So Great About the HeykirHome Reusable Glass Straws?

Before placing a spontaneous order for the HeykirHome Reusable Glass Straws, I was using a set of silicone straws, which were, by all means, fine. My points of contention were negligible, really: I had the urge to chew them to bits due to their springy texture, and because I couldn’t see how much gunk was really left behind, I had to be super-diligent with scrubbing the inside clean.

Credit: Caroline Mullen

However, after seeing tons of TikToks of people slurping coffees and afternoon Diet Cokes with gleaming glass straws, I decided to try some for myself. Because the set of 12 is under $10, I figured it couldn’t hurt anyway. 

Well, I was shocked by how much they elevated my morning routine. And because I often nurse my iced coffee into the early afternoon — lounging on the couch in the morning while I watch my favorite YouTube channels, and later hunched over my laptop screen — I spend a good deal of time with an iced coffee in my hand. 

The set comes with six 10” straws for taller tumblers, juice, or Collins glasses, and six 5” straws for cocktails in rocks, lowball, or wine glasses. The addition of a glass straw — both in coffee and cocktails — has garnered me more than a few compliments, as it really makes a simple drink feel like a special luxury. I’ve even gifted sets to a few different friends for birthdays and housewarmings, and always receive positive feedback. 

Credit: Caroline Mullen

Unlike flimsy silicone straws, these glass straws are sturdy enough to stir iced coffees and sip even the thickest smoothies. They’re also a satisfying thickness themselves — not too thin that I’m worried they’ll crack in my drink, but not so thick that they feel cheap and clunky. And to state the obvious, unlike the silicone straws, they’re clear so I can easily see when they’ve been fully cleaned in the dishwasher or need a little more TLC. 

They work well on-the-go too, and because I usually make my iced coffee in a S’well insulated tumbler to prevent the drink from getting watery too quickly, I know for a fact that these straws fit perfectly through the sipping hole of the lid.