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This Wildly Popular Veggie Chopper Lives Up to Its Hype — And It’s 40% Off During Prime Day

updated Jul 11, 2023
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Fullstar vegetable chopper on a counter with chopped sweet potato
Credit: Ashley Abramson

One of my resolutions this year was to incorporate more fresh produce into my meals. I’m several months in, and I’m already noticing the positive effects of eating more veggies (for one, my food just tastes better). The only downfall? Preparing food from scratch takes time and that’s something I don’t always have a lot of as a busy mom. 

I’ve toyed with prepping veggies ahead of mealtime — for example, chopping sweet potatoes for a hash the day before I plan to make the dish — but I also want to be able to whip up nutritious, plant-based dishes on a whim. Thankfully, I came across the perfect solution on an influencer’s IG story: the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, a compact chopping tool that cuts prep time in half and also happens to be on sale today during Amazon Prime Day.

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What’s So Great About the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper?

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper has more than 63,000 reviews and a 75 percent five-star average on Amazon, so I didn’t need much convincing. Even at full price, the chopper isn’t what I’d call inexpensive, and the versatility absolutely justifies the cost. However, at its current sale price, it’s an even better value for your wallet — and your kitchen.

The chopper does four different things, so you’re essentially replacing four common kitchen gadgets. It comes with a dice blade meant for small fruits and veggies, a large dice blade for harder produce, and a spiral and ribbon blade great for zucchini, squash, or sweet potato. There’s also a finger guard to protect your hands when you’re spiralizing. 

My first time using the Fullstar chopper, I opted for the small dice blade to cut a red onion for my tuna salad. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. After placing the insert, you just close the lid over the vegetable, and it presses the chopped pieces into a container below. It was so easy to just dump the onions in my tuna salad bowl. The best part? The pieces were the perfect size, and they were all totally uniform — something I rarely experience when I chop by hand. 

How Do You Clean the Fullstar Chopper?

When I finished, I noticed there was a lot of onion residue left inside the stainless blades. Luckily, the chopper comes with two cleaning scrapers and a cleaning brush to make the job easier (and safer than using a sponge or dish brush on the sharp surface). It took a good five minutes for me to thoroughly clean the insert, but it probably would have taken me that long, plus a lot of tears, to chop an entire onion with a knife. 

Either way, you end up with fewer dishes to wash, because there’s no knife, cutting board, or prep bowl required. The entire chopper is also dishwasher-safe, so once you get most of the residue off the insert, you can just throw it on the top rack and forget about it. 

How Do You Store the Fullstar Chopper?

Storage is a breeze, too. Rather than trying to cram two separate choppers and a couple of spiralizers into my already-full kitchen cabinet, I just put it all back in the box and tuck it in with my other gadgets. (Note to self: Invest in more tools that do more than one thing!)

I’ve used the chopper on onions, sweet potatoes, and most recently, apples for a salad, and I can totally see why it gets so much hype on social media and on Amazon. When you spend less time prepping and cleaning, you can spend more time actually enjoying your food. Knowing how easy it is to prepare my produce, I’ve been inspired to get more creative in the kitchen, trying recipes I’d normally skip because I didn’t have the right tools on hand. Zoodles and meatballs, I’m coming for you!

Buy: Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, $23.99 (normally $39.99)