7 Game-Changing Kitchen Tools from the Brand Behind One of Our Favorite Cast-Iron Brushes

published Jul 28, 2021
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Cleaning a cast iron skillet with a brush in the sink
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Finding cleaning tools that get the job and look good can take some effort. Add the word sustainable to your must-have list, and, well, you could be searching for a while. Well, we’re about to save you tons of time, because one of our favorite brands totally fits the bill. Full Circle makes attractive, effective cleaning tools and supplies, many of which are fashioned from sustainable bamboo and recycled plastic, so you can clean the kitchen while doing your part for the planet. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks from Full Circle’s catalog below, including several Kitchn editor favorites. 

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Full Circle’s Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper made it to our list of best tools for cleaning cast iron for its stiff, recycled plastic bristles that release stuck-on food without removing your cookware’s precious patina. A scraper on the back of the wide brush head can help you tackle particularly stubborn cleaning jobs, and since the bristles are heat safe, you won’t have to wait for your cookware to cool off to get scrubbing.

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Yes, it’s possible to clean delicate mushrooms without bruising them — if you have this super-cute FunGuy Mushroom Cleaning Brush. The bristles are made from soft nylon, which allows them to gently remove dirt and grime from fresh mushrooms using just a few drops of water.

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If you’re trying to reduce your dependence on sponges (we don’t blame you), Full Circle’s Bubble Up bamboo dish brush and dispenser set would make an excellent swap. A spring-loaded insert helps the brush get extra sudsy without the need for excess soap, and the bristles are replaceable. Kitchn lifestyle editor, Lauren, is a big fan, saying, “Armed with this handy brush set, I can honestly say that I’ve ditched sponges altogether — and I couldn’t be happier.”

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Kitchn contributor Olivia surveyed a number of frustrated cleaners about their go-to supplies, and Full Circle’s Splash Patrol cleaning and dish gloves made the list. “I personally love this for the grip on dishes,” says one of her experts, adding, “I used to just use my bare hands and I’ve had a few dishes and glasses slip from my hands because of the soap and ended up with a sink full of glass. They’re great for grip and dealing with hot water.”

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Full Circle’s reusable dishcloths are crafted from 100 percent organic cotton and have an extra-absorbent design that makes them ideal for picking up big spills, drying dishes, and removing excess moisture from freshly washed produce. In fact, Kitchn's editor-in-chief, Faith, has been using these towels for years. 'Nuf said.

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When Faith calls a dish brush one of her "favorite cleaning tools ever," we pay attention. She praises Full Circle’s Laid Back 2.0 brush for its “smooth bamboo handle that feels great in the hand, and sturdy bristles that clean without scratching.” The brush has a slim profile that can fit into glassware and tight corners, and when the recycled plastic bristles start to wear down, just order replacement heads and keep the handle.

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Full Circle’s Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin is a favorite among avid home composters. The sturdy 1.3-gallon bin offers a simple system for loading bags and is even dishwasher safe — and it's pretty good looking, too.