This $6 Scrubber Makes Prepping Mushrooms a Breeze

published Jul 22, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I love mushrooms. On any given day, you can find me whipping up a mushroom-forward soup, grilling up some portobellos, or sautéing creminis for an egg scramble. The most frustrating part about cooking with mushrooms, though, is cleaning them. You want to remove the bulk of the dirt, but a thorough rinse runs the risk of making them too waterlogged, and paper towels are often ineffective. That’s why I’m making the switch from my colander to a mushroom brush: the Full Circle FunGuy 2-in-1 Mushroom Cleaning Brush, to be exact. This baby promises to rid mushrooms of dirt gently and thoroughly — for just $6!

With the FunGuy (yes, that’s a clever pun on “fungi”) Mushroom Cleaning Brush, you can say goodbye to slimy mushrooms. All you need are a few drops of water on the brush’s super-soft nylon bristles to get your mushrooms ready for cooking. Gently scrub the caps of your mushrooms until the dirt comes off, slice them up, and toss into your pot or pan. It’s designed to work on the sturdiest of portobellos and the most fragile of chanterelles, so no matter which type of ‘shroom you’re working with, you can rest assured that they’ll be dirt free.

Another cool feature of the FunGuy is its handy scoop, which you can use to remove the gills and any dirt or bugs that might be lurking inside. The scoop sits between the handle and the bristles, so it’s super easy to grip with your thumb. As one happy customer notes, “I’ve never bothered to remove gills before. With the gill tab on this brush, they seem to come right out, though.”

Like all of Full Circle’s products, this mushroom brush is eco-friendly. It’s free from harmful coatings, dyes, plastics, and chemicals. Plus, in addition to its bamboo and nylon parts, it’s made out of recycled plastic, which is safer to use on your food than regular plastic. The bamboo is finished with natural oils to better withstand water, which is helpful since you’ll want to hand wash this brush and then stand it up to dry.

If you want to rid your mushrooms of excess dirt without crushing them or bloating them with too much water, this brush is your answer. As one Amazon reviewer commented, “Love this little guy. Cleans effectively without destroying the mushrooms.” Pardon the pun, but this fungi cleaning brush really is, well, a fun guy!