If You’re Not Using This $21 Amazon Find to Store Eggs, You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

published Jan 4, 2023
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Credit: Lindsey Stewart

When you go grocery shopping and decide to pick up a carton of eggs, you kind of have to be on high alert for the rest of the trip. You set the box on the kids’ seat of the cart, taking care to not place anything too heavy on top. During checkout, you pay close attention to which bag the cashier places the carton in, lift it steadily back into the cart, and make sure to avoid significant turbulence on the walk back to the car. There, you might even decide to place the bag with the eggs inside on the passenger seat next to you to avoid potential trunk mishaps.

This is all to say that it would be a shame to come home after all that precaution and carelessly throw your eggs in the fridge, where they could become crowded or buried under other items. Even worse still is when the bulky cartons take up precious shelf and drawer space. Luckily, there’s a product on Amazon that’s super easy to attach to your existing refrigerator shelves, and it promises to increase storage space while keeping this staple breakfast food safe and secure. Every egg consumer absolutely needs the Farochy fridge egg drawer organizer.

This lightweight plastic organizer comes with two simple parts. First, you’ll want to attach the white, two-pronged handle onto your fridge shelf, adjusting its length to your needs. It snaps in place in seconds and requires no hardware. Then, just take the transparent drawer and slide it onto the length of the handle. That’s it — you’re ready to add your eggs! The drawer can hold up to 18 of them, which equals a carton and a half. It has a dimpled bottom that cradles each egg, keeping it from jostling around as you pull on the drawer.

Credit: Amazon

This really is a genius gadget, and Amazon shoppers agree. Plus, it’s a much better visual than the typical paper or styrofoam cartons. “I buy in bulk, and this is great to organize,” one reviewer wrote. “Keeps what you need where you need it, with a modern, organized look.” Using this storage method, you’ll also be able to see what’s inside at all times, whether you use it for eggs or other things, including cheese, butter, or lunch meat.

With the Farochy drawer organizer, you’ll never again struggle to open a carton lid inside of a fridge drawer or find space for all your groceries. Whether you like your eggs scrambled, sunny-side-up, or in an omelet, this must-have product will keep them in one piece until they’re ready to go in the pan.