This Amazon Find Keeps Produce Fresh For Way Longer — and It’s on Sale for $10 Right Now

published Jul 8, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

There’s nothing more disappointing than reaching into your crisper drawer and pulling out produce that’s well past its prime. Your plan to cook ratatouille for dinner? Dashed. Wanted to add some berries to your smoothie bowl? Think again. Not only is rotten produce a waste of money, time, and resources, it’s also a major hitch in meal prep and intuitive eating. But savvy Amazon shoppers have found a great hack to keep groceries fresh: Freshpaper Food Saver Sheets from The Freshglow Co., which have more than 3,000 five-star ratings and will keep your produce fresher longer. They’d usually run you $16.15 for a pack of eight, but right now they’re on sale for just $9.99 a box.

The Freshpaper Food Saver Sheets keep fruits and vegetables fresh for two to four times as long as they’d age naturally, which is huge if you prefer to do one big grocery haul instead of dashing out to the store every couple of days. Plus, by extending your food’s shelf life, you’re saving a chunk of change and minimizing food waste. As one happy customer notes, “No more throwing salad greens, kale, or spinach ‘money’ down the garbage disposal!” Score. Another reviewer agreed, writing, “I can put a sheet in a bowl, pile on the fruit and keep the bowl at room temperature. That’s a death notice for most fruit, but the sheet keeps the produce nice and fresh — outside the fridge — for a week.” Total win!

The sheets, which come in a pack of eight, are simple to use; just toss them into a tub of greens or a bowl of fruit and let them work their magic. They’re reusable for up to a month or until the distinctive maple-like scent fades entirely, Bonus: The sheets work both in and out of the fridge. 

Customers also love that Freshpaper sheets are free from BPA, chemicals, and plastic. And since they’re biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, they’re a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution to storing food. Think going natural means compromising on effectiveness? Take a tip from another satisfied customer, who calls Freshpaper “a huge step in the right direction back to natural things that just plain work.”

They add, “Recently, our market had a sale on bulk boxes of strawberries and I didn’t have time over the weekend to hull them. Just stuck them in the refrig with the Fresh Paper. Three days later, they still look as perfect as when I put them in there … Fresh Paper is a home run in my opinion. ” And snagging them on sale? That’s a grand slam in my book.