The Ingenious $8 Amazon Tool Every Strawberry Lover Needs This Summer

updated May 16, 2023
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Strawberries in plastic clamshell container.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

One of my favorite things to do is a pastime I like to call altruistic impulse shopping. If I’m with a friend who mentions something that sparks an idea for a gift (be it a great book, a clever gadget, or a funny knick-knack), I order it from Amazon right then and there. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were chatting in her kitchen as she was carefully hulling and slicing strawberries. I have a strawberry huller at home, so I know what a difference they can make when cooking and prepping. Before my friend knew it, the FireKylin Strawberry Huller and Slicer Set was on the way to her door, and the next day I received a text: “My strawberry slicer is life.”

I’ve had a strawberry huller for a decade now, and it is one of my favorite kitchen tools — and not just because it’s so adorable to look at. Rather than cutting off the entire top of the strawberry or carefully carving out the hull, you significantly reduce waste and actually get to use so much more of the strawberry with this handy helper.

“Wow! I wasn’t sure about this product but I just received it and it’s AWESOME!!!!!,” says one satisfied customer. “So easy to use and you get a nice clean cut. It’s so worth the money. My daughters LOVE their strawberries and they hate taking the stems off but this literally takes it out nice and clean.” It’s a money saver, a time saver, and (if you’re klutzy like me) a potential finger saver.

Unlike the huller I bought way back when, this one comes with a slicer (nope, I’m not jealous at all … ). Just insert your fruit into the tool, push down on the top, and the blades cut the berry into beautifully even slices in seconds. “This is like a little piece of strawberry heaven,” comments another user. “Pops that stem right out and cuts them just perfectly for all my strawberry recipes. Recommend to all my friends.”

Up until now, I’ve only used my huller for strawberries, but after reading the many helpful Amazon reviews, I realize that there are so many more possibilities. Buyers report using them for everything from removing pineapple and potato eyes to taking the stems off of tomato tops.

Credit: Amazon

With strawberry season quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to snag one of these babies and ensure you’re ready to whip up all of those delicious salads, smoothies, sweets, sorbets, and more. As another reviewer shares, “Just cored and sliced 5 pounds of strawberries to make homemade jam. Without these gadgets it would have taken me like an hour or longer to do all this. With these it took me less than 30 minutes! It left me with more time to cook and process my jam.” I recommend you pick up these strawberry accessories ASAP, because the sooner you have them, the sooner you’ll start saving money and time (and fingers?).

Buy: FireKylinStrawberry Huller and Slicer Set, $7.59