The Best Kitchen Deals from Amazon’s End-of-Year Sale Event

updated Dec 26, 2022
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Every holiday season, we wish for our readers to get to spend lots of time with loved ones, enjoy plenty of delicious homemade meals, and find some time to relax amid this chaotic point in the year. Of course, we also keep our fingers crossed that you’re able to find all your coveted home and kitchen goods for a good deal! That’s why we bring you all the sales we can find during major shopping events such as Labor Day and Black Friday. But, if you had to work the days after Thanksgiving or were too busy catching up with relatives, there’s no need to feel like you missed out. As far as deals go, you can still find some amazing ones during Amazon’s New Year Sale event. Whether you’re after a new set of food storage containers, must-have tech gadgets, or state-of-the-art countertop appliances, you’ll find them here for up to 75 percent off. (Yes, really.) Check out our top picks below, and happy shopping!

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was $379.99

No space for a full-size KitchenAid stand mixer? No problem! You can still get all the benefits of this world-famous kitchen staple for less counter space. That's because this mini version comes with a stainless-steel mixing bowl with a 3.5-quart capacity instead of the standard 5. That's great for smaller batches of food and less cleaning — plus, you still get 10 different speeds and 67 touchpoints for super-smooth batters.

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was $549.99

Once upon a time, if you wanted to come home to clean floors, you had to hire a cleaning service. Now, you can just buy Shark's AI Robot Vacuum and save hundreds of dollars in the long run. This handy vac is so easy to program once you download its app — from there, the machine navigates through your home and picks up dirt and debris like a pro. And, when it's done, it even empties itself! Besides scheduling cleaning sessions, you don't have to lift a finger.

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was $72.60

Even if every last one of your kitchen knives feels old and dull, this 6-inch blade could easily replace all (okay, most) of your cutlery. It's so versatile, allowing you to chop, cut, mince, and dice all kinds of veggies and meat cuts. The Genesis' precise blade and ergonomic handle make it a must-have for every kitchen.

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was $349.95

What can't this multipurpose toaster oven do? It toasts, bakes, broils, slow cooks, reheats ... are we missing anything? Basically, it carries out every function you could ever need to prepare a fast and hassle-free meal. The oven also has a roomy interior, allowing you to place a whole 13-inch pizza inside. Its Element iQ System also directs heat to wherever it's needed, resulting in evenly cooked dishes every time.

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was $300.00

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Le Creuset's signature Dutch oven. But, if you're after something a little smaller, you'll love the 3.5-quart Sauteuse oven. This enameled cast-iron pot similarly produces diverse, hot, and flavorful dishes thanks to its tight-fitting lid and superior heat distribution. All that, with less cleanup afterward! It's just the thing for fast and easy homemade dinners.

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was $349.95

Whip up smoothies, purees, salsas, and more with this do-it-all Vitamix blender. It has 10 different speeds, allowing you to achieve a variety of textures — plus, its 48-ounce pitcher can fit family-sized batches. Even cleanups are easy: Just pour in some water and soap, put the lid on, and give the blades a whirl.

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was $129.99

Even if you're not a pro baker, you'll still get plenty of use out of this lovely, cherry-red bakeware set. Made by editor-favorite brand Staub, the set includes two rectangular dishes and two multipurpose bowls. Each piece is ceramic and therefore beyond sturdy, so it won't fall victim to chipping or scratching. It doesn't matter if you're baking a birthday cake or merely warming up leftovers — you can reach for one of these pieces.

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was $39.99

Instead of wasting your good dishware for leftovers, use these sturdy glass containers. They arrive in a set of 16, and you get multiple different shapes and sizes. Pop them in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, and also use them for meal prep throughout the week. Your eats will stay fresh and sealed tight.

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was $175.09

Don't get me wrong, vacuuming is necessary, but all floors could use a good mopping from time to time. That's where the Bissell SpinWave comes in. This lightweight, cordless machine features two spinning mop pads that'll lift the dirt and grime from any hard surface. Simply fill the SpinWave's tank with your favorite cleaning solution, press the button to dispense it, and mop away.

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You don't have to spend hundreds to get a Dutch oven that's just as nice as our name-brand favorites. We love this 6-quart Lodge pot for its enameled cast-iron interior, which heats all contents evenly and doesn't chip, as well as its beautifully glossy exterior, which will look so professional sitting atop your stove. The pot can withstand extremely high temperatures, too, and it's extremely durable.

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was $194.50

Sure, you can make rice in almost any deep pot, but we bet it won't taste nearly as fluffy and delicious than if you were to make it in this rice cooker. With this gadget, you can make 3 cups of rice at one time, which might not sound like a lot, but it's more than enough for the whole family. Also, the type of grain doesn't matter: Brown, long grain, plain white — this machine cooks it all!

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Whether you simply don't have space for a coffee maker or haven't decided on your dream espresso machine yet, this slim cold brew maker will fill in all the gaps. Iced coffee drinkers love it for its easy-pour nozzle and straightforward instructions. After pouring your grinds into the filter, all you have to do is wait for the pitcher to do its thing. You'll have a smooth and tasty brew in no time.

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was $25.99

It's easy to forget about replacing old cutting boards, but you don't want to wait until yours is warped and splintering. This board makes for a perfect substitute, as it's forged from strong and durable bamboo that won't accumulate bacteria. It also has grooves at the edges to collect runoff from produce, not to mention convenient side handles. You'll have no trouble carrying it from counter to counter and keeping it clean.

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was $34.95

Trying out new water bottles is all well and good, but we always go back to the classic Hydro Flask. That's because you can trust it to keep your drink hot or cold all day, and it won't crack, dent, or spill — no matter how much you jostle it around. Sure, it's kind of hefty, but that only speaks to its sturdy stainless-steel construction.

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was $77.62

If there's one thing we don't play around with, it's wine bottle openers. (If you've ever broken a cork, you get the feeling.) The Rabbit corkscrew will ensure that never happens. It works on all bottles, including those that are capped and wrapped with foil, and you don't need to employ any sort of superhuman strength to make it work. Just a couple of quick pulls, and you're ready to pour.

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was $79.99

If you've ever seen someone wite really nice, white teeth and wondered how they got them to look like that, there's a good chance they used Crest Whitestrips. That's how popular these are — and for good reason! You get 40 strips in this kit (20 for your top teeth and 20 for the bottom row) and you'll see a noticeable difference after just one use.

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Accidents happen in the fridge more often than we'd like to admit. Protect your shelves for spoiled produce leaks and beverage container spills by lining them with these adhesive mats. For less than $10, you get eight liners that you can stick on with water. Just make sure to click the "apply 20% coupon" button to get your discount!

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The only people who say they don't need AirPods are the ones who've never tried them. Once you get used to these buds' noise-cancelling abilities, customizable fit, and wireless design, there's no going back. With this model, you also get 33 percent more battery life compared to the first generation. That's up to six hours of use for music, podcasts, and Zoom meetings before having to recharge.

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was $149.99

As a Keurig owner, I love being able to turn this coffee machine on, put my pod in, and continue my morning routine as my drink brews. Just make sure to keep the water reservoir filled — other than that, you can operate the Keurig K-Classic as if you're on autopilot.

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was $54.99

Tired of spending money on disposable Ziploc bags? Meet our favorite reusable alternative: the Stasher silicone bags. Not only are they much more eco-friendly, but they obviously also hold up way better than the throwaway versions. You can put these in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, then wash and reuse them without a hitch.

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was $24.99

Not all dish towels are made equal. Unfortunately, some get raggedy way too quickly, while others refuse to absorb spills. But these Swedish dishcloths will renew your faith in kitchen towels. Not only is a pack of 10 super affordable, but each cloth is flexible and absorbent without being bulky. You can also use these to scrub at sticky spots on your stove and counters. Heck, you might as well grab some for the bathroom, too!