These Dual Sided Measuring Spoons Have Over 22,000 5-Star Reviews — and They’re on Sale!

published Nov 30, 2021
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scooping some cumin out a spice jar with a measuring spoon, baking sheet with carrots
Credit: Sarah Crowley

You might not put a lot of thought into your measuring tools. After all, if the plastic set of spoons you picked up years ago do the job of measuring, why bother switching them out? But let’s be honest, those plastic spoons do give you some trouble! You might get frustrated with navigating the ring that attaches them or have to dump your spices out when the round head can’t fit in the jar, resulting in a big mess. Measuring is an especially important part of baking (we recommend this adjustable measuring cup and reliable kitchen scale too!) which is why you’ll want to upgrade your setup to get ready for all those holiday treats! To make your life a whole lot easier, we’ve found this Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Dual-Sided Spoons Set that’s racked up over 22,000 5-star ratings (and 25,000 total!) from satisfied customers. The best part? They’re discounted at 40 percent off right now.

Not only is this set the second bestseller on Amazon’s list of measuring spoons, but a similar set also made our 2020 list of Kitchn Essential Tools. Perhaps the most note-worthy aspect of this set is their magnetic design which allows the spoons to neatly stack together and stay that way even when stored in your drawer. One person who has been using them every night for a year said that the magnetic design is convenient because it “allows them to be washed individually in the dishwasher without having to undo a key ring or wash the whole set.” Anyone who has a personal vendetta against the ring that holds their measuring spoons together (myself included!) will be grateful for how easy it is to use just one spoon at a time.

The dual sides are another huge selling point because you can use the slimmer end for narrow jars, while the rounded end is great for larger canisters or wet ingredients. One reviewer wrote, “It feels like having 2 sets of measuring spoons instead of one,” noting how they would usually measure dry ingredients before wet to avoid having to clean the same spoon in between.

In addition to the obvious pluses, there are a few other sneaky elements that will be a huge benefit in the kitchen. For instance, one reviewer pointed out that the bottoms of the spoons are flat, so you can rest them on the counter without the contents spilling out. They also come with a leveler that will be surprisingly handy so you won’t have to clumsily level with a butter knife again. Another commenter mentioned that they weren’t initially looking for any of these extra features, saying, “Now I can’t believe I lived without them my whole cooking life! I didn’t even realize how much hassle my old measuring spoons had been.”

Whether you’re hoping to upgrade your tools to make all your holiday so much easier or you’re on the hunt for the perfect baking gift, these measuring spoons are a great pick. At such a good price, you might as well grab two sets — one to keep and one to give!