This Renter-Friendly Find Creates Instant Storage and Takes Up Zero Kitchen Space

published Apr 1, 2022
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Here at Kitchn, we talk a lot about kitchen storage and organizing. And we mean, a lot. We test out drawer organizers (like our favorite pick for narrow spaces), storage that utilizes vertical space (hello, wall-mounted spice racks!), and the best ways to put away lids, whether for cookware or Tupperware. To add to our ever-growing list of clever storage solutions, we discovered an ingenious knife strip that requires absolutely no installation — and it has over 6,400 five-star Amazon reviews to back it up!

The HMmagnets Store Fridge Applicable 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder is a double-sided magnetic knife strip that can attach to the side of your fridge. While we’ve written at length about the magnetic knife strips we love for ditching your traditional knife block, this one is unique because you won’t have to drill holes into your wall. It’s a great option for renters and power-tool-averse homeowners alike.

This magnetic knife rack consists of a stainless steel bar with heavy-duty magnets on both sides that can be put up with zero installation, unlike typical knife strips. So, if you have enough space on the side of your fridge, all you have to do is affix this 17-inch knife strip to it — much like the many magnetic kitchen shelves we love. That’s even longer than most standard wall-mounted knife racks, so there’s plenty of room for all of your knives, including your chef’s knife, bread knife, kitchen shears, and even a wide cleaver. Not only will this organizer leave you with extra counter space, but it will also make finding and grabbing the knife you need incredibly easy, especially when you’re busy cooking.

Reviewers praised this unique knife organizer as a small-kitchen lifesaver. One person mentioned having tile in their kitchen, so drilling was not an option. “I bought the fridge mount hoping it would be strong enough to do the job. Holy cow! The magnet is so strong it zipped over to the fridge right out of my hands from a few inches away! I feel that my knives, which are very expensive, are in excellent and safe storage! It looks nice too!” they wrote.

Several people also loved how big this knife rack is compared to others like it. “The capacity is also great (I have 13 knives (including 6 steak knives) and a fish spatula mounted, saving me from having to use a knife block or drawer just for knives,” one person wrote.

By taking advantage of unused fridge space, this no-drill knife rack is without a doubt the easiest and most convenient way to store your knives. Say goodbye to your cluttered drawers and countertops, because this find is truly a kitchen game changer.