Why This Wooden Spoon Is One of Our Holy Grail Products

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Wooden spoons, like pretty dinner plates, are one of those kitchen items perfect for collecting. There’s an endless world of sizes, types, and looks, and they make awesome, functional countertop decor. But if you’re a minimalist, there’s really just one type of wooden spoon you need: a corner spoon. And one of our favorite corner spoons is currently only $6 on Amazon.

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First off, why the wooden spoon love? Old-school aesthetic aside, they’re good for everything from stirring to sautéing. The wood won’t scratch cookware like a metal spoon or spatula could, and it also doesn’t transfer heat, which means you won’t burn yourself if you accidentally leave it in a pot. And unlike another one of our holy grail products (silicon spatulas), the hard wood is great for scraping up bits of food that might cook to the bottom of the skillet or pot. Like cast iron, wooden spoons tend to improve with age and careful care.

But when it comes to picking just one MVP in the wooden spoon category, there’s no competing with the corner spoon. It’s a kind of spatula-spoon hybrid. The slanted, flat top is even better for scraping and pushing around food than more rounded spoons. Corner spoons also have shallow bowls common with regular wooden spoons, making it perfect for tasting sauces and stews. (Another advantage wooden has over metal here: You can sip safely without burning your lips on a heat-absorbing spoon.) The long handle also makes it suitable for use on your deepest pots.

As to why we think this OXO spoon is the one you should invest in? Besides the price, we tend to love OXO’s attention to detail in its products, and this simple spoon is no exception. Made from one piece of beechwood, it’s sturdy and designed to be long-lasting. It’s also finished with natural oil, making it both smooth and comfortable to handle and less likely to absorb smells and color with care. As long as you hand-wash this beauty, you’ll be using it for years.