Why a Cookie Spatula Is My Most-Used Kitchen Tool (No, I’m Not a Professional Baker)

published Mar 12, 2018
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I love chocolate chip cookies so much that I have the classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe memorized. At any given point, my roommate and I have all the supplies required to make a batch (and can do the mental math to halve or even quarter the batch if we’re running low on butter). I even have developed my own personal tricks for boosting the cookie quality (add a finishing salt and a little extra vanilla extract, for starters). I own and regularly use a cookie dough freezer tray.

But even with all my cookie-centric cooking, that’s not the reason that I am utterly smitten with my cookie spatula. Because even I, with my desire to make cookies at the drop of a hat, love that oddly specific tool for another reason.

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At face value, a cookie spatula seems absurd: Who makes cookies that often? Not even me, probably. But this little tool is actually great for a number of household tasks. Between my roommate and me, I’d venture to say the cookie spatula gets daily, if not twice-daily, use. That’s because it’s the perfect size for a number of small household tasks beyond just baking.

First and foremost, it’s great for use in a small skillet. I eat eggs and toast several times a week for an easy dinner, and frying up or scrambling anywhere between one to three eggs with the small spatula is a breeze. But other dishes, like vegetables, fried rice, and even small cuts of meat are easy to cook up. It’s a single-person-cooking-for-one tool that just happens to come with a much friendlier name.

Larger, classic spatulas can be difficult to use in smaller cookware, but this one has just the right amount of dexterity. Plus, the silicone edge is just big enough to allow you to scrape down sides of bowls and pots, but not so big that you lose the ability to flip or turn food. And, yes, when the time comes, the cookie spatula will remove your cookies from sheet pans and transfer them to cooling racks or plates with ease. And all that for just $8. In other words, I dub this tool one smart cookie. (Bad joke very much intended.)