Why Our Editors Love This Classic Measuring Cup Set

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While there are a fair number of gadgets we’ll gush over, often the things that make our cooking-obsessed hearts skip a beat are the basics. We’re talking about a really great spatula, measuring spoons, and measuring cups. And when it comes to a good set of liquid measuring cups, nothing stands up to Pyrex. Which is why we’re happy to report that our favorite set from the brand, this three-piece measuring cup set, is currently on sale on Amazon.

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Pyrex has been around for more than 100 years, withstanding decades of changing kitchens and cooking habits. And while prices have, of course, gone up over the past century, the brand remains a go-to for kitchen standards that last and last without breaking the bank.

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This set is currently only $15, and it may very well be the last set of measuring cups you buy because the tempered glass cups will most likely last forever — even if you use them a lot. And you will use them a lot. The three standard sizes are great for a number of kitchen tasks, from measuring out just a little bit of milk for a recipe in the smallest one, to mixing up pancakes in the one-quart cup. Fact: One employee

told us

Even if you don’t plan on replacing all your bowls with measuring cups, we firmly believe no kitchen is complete without this set. With more than a century of history behind it, we think there’s a good chance your grandparents (or even great-grandparents) would agree with us.