Why You Need a Fish Spatula — Even If You Aren’t Cooking Fish

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The first time I saw a fish spatula, it was on a friend’s wedding registry. We were just out of college and still on a steady diet of takeout and turkey sandwiches. I rolled my eyes at the idea that anyone who could hardly boil water would need a tool dedicated to only flipping fillets of seafood.

Oh, how wrong I was.

As it turns out (pun intended!), a fish spatula is one of those tools that comes in handy even if you never plan on cooking fish at home. We’ve written about fish spatulas before, going as far as to dub them “mighty.” If you’re not convinced, let me, a former skeptic, make the case.

While a regular spatula is thicker with a less sharp edge, a fish spatula is designed to make it easy to turn delicate fish fillets in a frying pan. It’s that exact design that makes it great for a host of other common kitchen tasks. The thin blade is flexible, but not so flexible that things fall off. And the wide, angled edge helps you navigate crowded pans or grill tops.

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What kinds of situations require this kind of finesse, you may ask? More than you’d think — a fish spatula can flip everything from pancakes to burgers. The thin design is also great for carefully lifting fragile cookies off of baking sheets. You can also use it in a pinch for stir- and deep-frying. Another use you might not be thinking of? Quickly cutting brownies or other casseroles where a knife could create drag and create less-than-picture-worthy servings.

Convinced yet? Today might be the day to grab one. This stainless steel version is only $12 on Amazon, down from $20. In other words, your regular spatula might need to start worrying about losing its job.