This Back Pain-Banishing Kitchen Mat Is Currently on Super Sale

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We’ve debated the merits of getting one of those kitchen mats that promises relief from knee and back pain that sets in after too much standing in the kitchen. Today, however, we may have found the best argument to go ahead and get one: this anti-fatigue mat is currently 66 percent off on Amazon. Suddenly, the sin of being “ugly as sin” feels a bit more forgivable.

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While they might not be winning any beauty contests, anti-fatigue mats do help to relieve pressure on your back and knees when standing for long periods of time. Even if you don’t suffer from joint pain, if you’ve ever tended to a pan of caramelizing onions or tackled a sink full of dirty dishes after a dinner party, you’ve probably experienced some level of discomfort.

There are a variety of anti-fatigue and kitchen mats on the market, ranging from thin, affordable versions to thick gel models that can easily run more than $100. This one, however, is currently only $27, bringing you actual cloud-like cushioning at a fraction of the price. Several other colors are also available for more money (around $32 a pop), giving you a bit more of a chance to camouflage it into existing decor.

Another perk of grabbing it while it’s on sale? If you decide to upgrade to a prettier version in the future, you haven’t spent too much. Plus, it can be repurposed in a number of other rooms in the house, from offices (if you’re a standing desk devotee) to laundry rooms. It may even help you enjoy dreaded kitchen tasks like onerous prep jobs or dishes. Just pick out a good podcast or playlist to go along with your new-found stamina.

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