Can One Tool Replace an Entire Drawer’s Worth of Spatulas & Spoons?

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Whenever we read the words “five in one,” we picture some terrifying infomercial device from late-night TV, promising to dice, slice, purée, and even do the dishes for you (read: it’s too good to be true). But leave it to the design-focused company Joseph Joseph to create a tool that actually does five things in one — and does them well.

The aptly-named Uni-Tool is two spoons, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool in one handy device. And it’s currently only $8 on Amazon.

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So how does one device get so much done? The secret is the two-sided design — two spoons with slightly different designs on each end of the handle. The regular spoon has a flexible silicone tip that’s great for spreading.

The other side is the slotted spoon, designed with a low, flat head that can also be used for small flipping jobs. While you probably make pancakes or fried eggs with it, the flat base can definitely flip less delicate items like cuts of meat or veggies. The turner/slotted spoon side also has a serrated cutter that can be used on smaller jobs.

While we can’t imagine replacing an entire drawer of spoons and spatulas permanently, there are times when we’d like the versatility of this uni-tool. One happy reviewer who gave it five stars describes it as an “everything spoon for one-pot dinners.” In other words, you can sauté or stir-fry ingredients as needed, then continue to stir (and even drain) as needed. The serrated edge is also a great way to cut up food as it cooks. The blunter cutting tool also won’t scratch nonstick surfaces.

A more surprising application? One reviewer found it invaluable in making 144 dumplings. Translation: You may be surprised what this tool can do. Or, as another reviewer put it, “If you are even thinking about buying this … go for it … for the price, you can’t beat it!”