The Water Bottle That Makes It Easier to Drink More Water Is Currently on Sale

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Saying “water is good for you” is the understatement of year. (We’ll bet our paychecks on it even though it’s only February!) And while we’re all likely drinking enough to stay alive, upping water intake has plenty of science-based perks that include things like decreased fatigue and better moods.

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Remembering to drink plenty of water has thus become such a preoccupation that there are apps and super-pricey smart water bottles available that remind you to drink up. But the most elegant solution is often the simplest. Rather than relying on technology, this fun water bottle from Zak Designs goes analog.

Once you’ve finished a bottle, push the colorful bands up. The rainbow bands provide a quick way to track how much water you’ve drank that day and a quick visual reminder to keep drinking. Plus, pushing the bands is oddly satisfying, like popping bubble wrap. Even if you’re not someone who loves drinking a ton of water every day, there’s a sort of fidget spinner appeal to having something tactile. You can even remove them and wear them as bracelets if you so choose. (And while rainbow bracelets might feel a bit middle school, you can also adjust the number of total bands to reflect whatever your personal water drinking goals are.)

Hydration-tracking rainbow aside, all HydraTrak bottles are also insulated and lightweight, making them great to keep at your desk or tote with you to the gym. The plastic is also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, meaning you can feel even better about all the water you’re chugging.

While there are a number of designs, we like the lever-lid option for two reasons: You don’t have to worry about cleaning a plastic straw and it’s only $10 right now on Amazon. Now we just need to find a similarly inexpensive, fun way to get our eight hours of sleep in!