Why This Is the One Silicone Spatula Our Editors Can’t Shut Up About

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There are certain things that you expect to see the word “ultimate” next to, like “brownies” or “nachos.” But other things like “spatula” may give you pause. How great can a spatula be, you ask? Kitchn editors have been crushing on Get It Right’s ultimate spatula for years. It’s caused us to use words like “gleeful” (us) and “perfect” (it) when talking about it. We’ve been singing its praises since 2012, which is close to a lifetime in internet years.

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For starters, this spatula does everything you want it to — it scrapes, spreads, and stirs, for everything from soups to bread to desserts. The narrow tip can scrape corners of bowls and peanut butter jars to get very last bit. The handle is also comfortable for smaller hands. If you want to get really nerdy, the spatula even has a proprietary fiberglass core, which keeps the handle from getting hot if you rest it in, say, a double boiler. This core — and the silicone coating — is also what makes the spatula bend-y but not too bendy. The silicone is heat-resistant up to 550°F and it’s all one piece, which means its easy to clean and there are no little spaces for gunk to hide.

And, perhaps just as important as all those other things, the spatulas come in an array of eye-popping colors for every kitchen style and cook out there. You can even get a mini spatula in a matching or complementary color for those small jobs, like jam or honey jars. Trust us — you’ll never think of the humble spatula the same way again.