This Ingenious Gadget Brews Coffee On the Go — No Filters Required

published Oct 24, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Volo

As a Midwesterner, my family vacations have historically entailed a lot of driving. Unlike my friends on the East Coast, I can’t just hop in the car and arrive at a beach or popular tourist destination in a couple of hours. Coffee, then, is a must before every road trip. If I wait to have my first fix of the day, there’s a huge chance I’ll find myself surrounded by cornfields — with no Starbucks in sight.

If you’ve experienced similar struggles, I’m happy to tell you that you no longer have to suspend your need for caffeine until you arrive at a more developed area. No, this isn’t a suggestion to pack instant coffee. Although I don’t consider myself an espresso elitist, I wouldn’t suggest you subject your taste buds to such bitterness. Instead, there’s a nifty little gadget on Amazon that allows you to prepare steaming, delicious coffee from anywhere, as long as you have hot water. Intrigued yet? Let’s get into it.

The JoGo brewing straw is essentially a French press that fits in your pocket. Made of sleek stainless steel, it requires no wasteful pods or paper filters. Simply insert the straw into a cup of hot water and coffee grounds, and start sipping. A filter at the base keeps you from consuming the grounds, while a silicone tip regulates the beverage’s temperature to avoid burns and prevents your teeth from getting stained. And, coffee isn’t the only thing that the straw is good for. “I love this product, [and] not just for traveling,” one reviewer shared. “It’s perfect for a quick cup of coffee, maté, or herbal tea at home with much less cleanup than a French press or coffee pot. No counter space required!”

There’s also no delay if you’re in a hurry to get to work. Again, just throw your ingredients into a portable cup, pop the straw in, and go. No more straining or waiting around. And, although my family trips never entailed camping, I’m sure outdoorsy types will appreciate the heck out of this device. “Decided to get [the straw] to take out backpacking since it will eliminate the need for carrying paper coffee filters, dealing with a finicky pour-over system, and (most importantly) to NOT have to resort to instant coffee out in the woods,” one reviewer detailed. “While I haven’t used it on trail yet, I’ve used it at home to get the hang of it, and I really like it. It’s incredibly easy to use.” In essence, no mess and no fuss. Like many of the Amazon shoppers who purchased the brewing straw, it’ll only be a matter of time before you, too, can’t imagine life without it.

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