The Secret to Buying a Kitchen a Rug on Amazon for Up to 80 Percent Off

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Area rugs: They can define a space, warm your feet, and hide the scratches in your hardwood floors made by the previous tenant who decided he didn’t need anything under his kitchen table. While there are plenty of cheap, synthetic options available, buyers looking for a pure wool rug can easily spend several hundred dollars. However, if you’re not particular about the exact design and willing to do a few minutes of extra legwork, you can find high-quality area rugs on Amazon for a fraction of their normal asking price — here’s how.

On Amazon, head to the Home & Kitchen section, then Home Decor, then Area Rugs, Runners, and Pads, before landing in the Area Rugs section (or just click here to go straight to area rugs). Filter by material and select your desired size (I’ve found the biggest savings are usually on 3’x5′, 4’x6′, and 5’x8′). Sort results from lowest price to highest and begin scrolling. When Amazon has only one or two of a given rug left, they often drop the price dramatically—probably to make room for newer, high-volume inventory. If you spot a listing with red text next to the price reading “Only (x) left in stock – order soon,” you’ve hit the jackpot.

Expand the listing and click on the link that shows the price of the rug from Amazon’s various sellers, it will read something like “New & Used from (lowest price).” If you’ve found a steal, Amazon’s price should be substantially lower (often by 50 to 80 percent) than those of the secondary sellers. To make doubly sure you’re getting a great deal, do a Google Shopping search and make sure any additional retailers are also asking for more. If you’ve found your diamond in the rough, order it quickly before the discounted stock runs out and the price returns to normal. Below are a few deals I found just while writing this article.

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Other sellers on Amazon have this blue beauty listed for $266.07 and $399 respectively.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Other sellers on Amazon have this geometric option listed for $269.99 and $307.40.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Several other Amazon sellers have this rug listed for prices as low as $218, to as high as $499.99, a world’s away from this under-$50 price tag.

And the best part? This trick doesn’t work exclusively for rugs! Whenever you’re buying home furnishings on Amazon and don’t have an exact piece in mind, try this style of limited-stock searching. A few weeks ago, I bought a $250 lamp for $50 using the same strategy. Keep your eyes open, and you never know what surprises you’ll find that will help you decorate on a budget.

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