This Simple $13 Amazon Find Keeps Bread Fresh for Days

published Dec 9, 2022
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Credit: Jesse Szewczyk

To quote Oprah, one of our patron saints here at Kitchn, I love bread. At my house, we could be out of almost everything else — eggs, greens, cheese, deli meat, what have you — but you’ll always find at least two loaves of sourdough or nine-grain either in the fridge or on the counter. A slice (or three) goes with every meal, even if the main course is already full of carbs. But even my bread-obsessed family can’t keep up with how fast our bakery provisions go stale. I do my best to prevent this sad outcome, twisting the bags extra tight and refrigerating the loaves after a couple days. I’ve even bought two sets of bag clips just for this purpose. But, usually the only solution that works is to consume everything before it becomes inedible. Recently, though, our staff came across this sandwich bread dispenser on Amazon that has customers in a tizzy because, well, it really seems to work! The bread buddy might be just what your pantry needs.

With this simple dispenser, what you see is pretty much what you get. It’s a clear plastic box roughly the same size and shape as your average loaf of sandwich bread. You just place your bread inside and close the lid, then pull the bag over the outside of the dispenser every time you take a slice. The airtight lid keeps the container’s contents sealed and protected from outside elements. Shoppers say this product keeps their bread fresh for up to two whole weeks in some cases. Additionally, the box prevents your brioche and rye from getting squished amid your other groceries. “I use it after purchasing a loaf of bread to protect it from being smashed or bent out of shape on the way home from the grocery store,” one reviewer shared. “Stores the bread nicely at home as well.”

Indeed, the dispenser is better for small spaces than your typical bread box because you can stand it up vertically, in turn saving horizontal counter or cabinet space. Pack it with bagels, English muffins, ciabatta rolls — whatever fits! The bread buddy is also so much more effective than those flimsy twist-ties that never stay on securely. And if you have any road trips coming up, this product is a great way to transport non-perishables. “Definitely will help keep bread from getting pancaked between other items when we go camping,” one buyer highlighted. “And to prevent any bugs from getting to it when it’s out.” Bug-free bread? A valid reason to purchase this product if there ever was one.

But above all, bread is basically the holiest food there is, and it deserves to be stored with care. Snag your own dispenser now for less than $13 to enjoy bakery-fresh sandwiches for weeks, and thank us later.