Amazon Has Incredible Black Friday Deals on Vitamix, Staub, Le Creuset, and More Kitchn Favorites

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When it’s time to hunt for great Black Friday deals, Amazon is a no-brainer. Right now, the online retailer is running massive discounts on pretty much everything across the site, but of course, we’re scoping out the best kitchen finds. And Amazon does not disappoint! This year’s deals include some of our favorite Kitchn Essentials from popular brands like Le Creuset, Staub, Dash, and Vitamix, and snagging them is as simple as the click of a mouse. So whether you’re shopping for your own kitchen or someone on your gift list, get as much use out of your Prime membership as you can with these great deals!

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was $349.95

One of the most popular Vitamix models, the E310 has a variable speed control and pulse system, so you can start blending slowly and up the speed as the ingredients get finer. With this machine, the possibilities are endless; you can use it to blend frozen bananas into ice cream, turn frozen fruit into sorbet, grind nuts into nut butter, and even grind coffee. Talk about a show off!

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was $169.95

You don't need outdoor space to get that just-off-the-grill sear on your burgers and veggies. This gorgeous Le Creuset grill pan is perfect for indoor cooking – especially as the weather gets colder. The long-lasting finish resists chipping and cracking, the raised ridges keep ingredients separated from fat, and spouted edges make it easy to pour off the drippings. These pans even come pre-seasoned, so you can use it right out of the package. Because when it comes to food, who has time to wait?

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was $407.00

In case you missed it, the Staub Cocotte being on massive sale is huge news! The four-quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven comes complete with a spiked lid that helps lock in flavor and moisture. Plus, it works on all types of stovetops and in the oven, making it a truly versatile, worthy buy.

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was $129.95

With several cooking functions accessible at the push of a button, the Instant Pot Duo Plus lets you quickly and easily make a range of dishes. The 6-quart size can make enough to feed an entire family or even meal prep with ease, and at less than $90, it's a total steal!

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was $49.99

The wine lover in your life will love you even more with this Rabbit wine bottle opener. The electric corkscrew safely removes any type of cork, even synthetic, without even a touch of a button. Simply place it over the bottle and ta-da! The cork is automatically removed and ejected from the corkscrew, and it can open up to 30 bottles before needing to be recharged. Now that’s a cheers-worthy gift!

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was $20.99

Ask anyone who knows their way around a kitchen — a multipurpose thermometer is a godsend, especially when it’s an instant-read digital model. So whether it’s meat on the grill, candy on the stove, or a pot of oil ready to fry, this stainless steel probe will give an accurate read up to 572 degrees in three to five seconds. Plus the backlit LCD display makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking.

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was $99.99

With so many air fryer recipes and hacks, isn’t it time to finally go ahead and get one? Crispy, flavorful food is as simple as 1. load the fryer basket, 2. set the temp, and 3. set the timer. The fryer does the rest of the work for you, with an auto-shutoff function to avoid overcooking and a large six-quart capacity to feed a family.

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We love this best seller so much, it’s on our Kitchn Essentials list and Lifestyle Director Lisa has even raved about it. Why? Well, it produces 20 percent more juice than other handheld squeezers, thanks to its dual-gear design, and so much pressing power means no more aching hands when preparing that pitcher of margaritas.

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was $89.99

Oh, you like your water fizzy, you say? Put down the Pellegrino and pick up a Sodastream instead. This energy-efficient gadget is powered by Co2, so with a quick push of a button, you have fresh, sparkling water without having to run to the store. It makes up to 60 liters of fizzy goodness before the cartridge needs to be replaced.

10 / 10

Whatever needs to be done in the kitchen - frying, baking, dehydrating — this air fryer can do it, and up to four times faster than a regular oven. With no preheat required, it’s as simple as touching one of the five program set buttons and you’re in business. It also lives up to the XXL title with a capacity to feed up to six people, so pop in those french fries, save on time and fat, and get ready to feast.