I’m a Pro Baker and Have Zero Kitchen Drawers — This $17 Amazon Find Keeps Me Organized

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Can I tell you a secret? I get props from my friends for a super organized kitchen. Everything seems to have its place when you open a cabinet or pantry door, from spices to bulk pantry bins. But what they don’t actually notice is that the most unorganized items are right in front of them in plain sight. I bake for a living and since I have very little storage space and practically zero drawers in my NYC kitchen, I have had to get creative with organizing things like my collection of mismatched oven mitts, my unsightly stack of recipes ripped out of magazines, and even my junk drawer essentials. And that’s where these cute woven storage baskets from Whitmor come in. They’re in full display at all times, but do an amazing job of hiding away the unorganizable things. In fact, I love them so much I’m totally ready to invest in another set, which happens to be on major sale at Amazon right now! Now, not only am I saving a bundle, but I’m about to tackle a whole host of other storage misfits without my friends ever noticing. (Well, unless they read this.)

I didn’t originally intend for my first set of baskets to be in my kitchen, rather I bought them for my bedroom accessories. But after discovering that the medium 10-by-13-inch basket could easily hold my entire apron collection, they began to migrate to the kitchen for their versatility. Since I always seem to lack storage space (welcome to NYC living!), I use them for things that don’t have an obvious home. For starters, the baskets perfectly fit all my random specialty baking products. The various sizes in the set mean I can store my bulky bags of coconut and almond flour in the large 11-by-14-inch basket, and reserve the smaller 8-by-11-inch basket for my new coffee obsession, and smaller packets of baking essentials like sugar and baking soda.

Thanks to the durable metal frame and strong plastic strapping woven tightly, they are incredibly sturdy and haven’t caved under the weight of even multiple bags of flour or months worth of magazines and recipe clippings. They also have convenient side handles, so I can tuck them into weird spots like the back corner near my stove and just pull it out with ease. (That one holds all my oven mitts and kitchen towels, in case you were wondering.) And when they get messy, I’m happy to report the baskets clean easily with a damp cloth and look good as new.

The best feature by far is the depth of the baskets, ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. They can easily store bulky or numerous items without someone seeing what’s inside, which is precisely the reason the basket became my countertop junk drawer, holding all those extra pens, keys, menus, rubber bands, and things I just can’t seem to part with. The basket takes care of it, and no one could ever suspect that I have a secret mishmash on display at all times.

The baskets also come in neutral color options which work seamlessly in any spot in my apartment. I currently own both navy and gray and use them all over the house whenever I need some extra space. They also nest easily inside each other if they aren’t in use, but I’ve never actually had that happen! I was considering the purchase anyway since I love these baskets so much, but now that they are on sale? It’s a no-brainer! As for my exact plans on what to store next? Well, that’s my little secret.

Buy: Whitmore Woven Strap Storage Baskets, $16.69 (normally $29.99)