The Best Things to Buy on Amazon, According to Our Readers

updated May 1, 2019
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Amazon is obviously a major convenience in many of our lives. What’s not so convenient? Scrolling through the pages and pages of products. There is just so much stuff on Amazon! How are you supposed to find the good stuff? Even the reviews can be kind of overwhelming! (A single listing for Mr. Clean Magic erasers has more than 1,500 reviews!)

So we asked you, our readers, to share what you like to buy on Amazon. You had all sorts of suggestions for stuff that’s either hard to find at your grocery store, tricky to carry home through city streets, or generally cheaper to buy online.

Here are the best things to buy on Amazon, according to our readers.

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Simple Mills Muffin Mix, $18 for three boxes (Image credit: Amazon)
  1. Simple Mills Muffin Mix, $18 for three boxes: “I love it for Simple Mills Muffin Mix,; it’s the healthy/organic/low-carb type thing not sold at my regular grocery stores.”
  2. Glasslock 18-Piece Oven Container Set, $39: “I get my Glasslock containers through Amazon because they’re half the price of what I’ve seen at other stores.”
  3. Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser Powder, $6.50 for 14 ounces: “I use Amazon for Bon Ami cleanser because I can’t ever find it in stores anymore.”
  4. Epicurean Cutting Boards, $27: “The Epicurean cutting boards are my fave.”
  5. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, $5.50 for 8.5 ounces: “I buy Maldon salt,; it’s the best.”
  6. Pamela Whenever Bars, $23 for 30 bars: “I love Amazon for stuff I can’t really find in bulk at grocery stores or Costco, like Pamela Whenever Bars and Surf Sweets Jelly Beans.”
  7. LaCroix, from $5 for 12: “LaCroix! Who wants to lug that home?”
  8. Lavazza Super Crema, $19 for 2.2 pounds: “We just started the Subscribe & Save program with our coffee beans for our espresso machine. It helps to have plenty on hand for mornings after our newborn’s party nights!”
  9. Weck Jars, $29 for six: “Weck jars can be hard to find in stores, but there are lots of options on Amazon.”
  10. Bulk pantry staples: “I use Amazon a lot for things like cheap big bags of almonds for almond milk, cacoa nibs, and goji berries. You can get bigger bags than in the grocery stores for much cheaper.”
  11. Whole Foods goodies: “We’re big Amazon Fresh fans, so we’re into the new Whole Foods 365 Organic items you can get, including dried blueberries and olive oil.”

This list barely scratches the surface, so add your favorite things to buy on Amazon in the comments below!