I Swear By This Non-Stick and Reusable $5 Amazon Tool for Baking and Meal Prep (It Has More Than 55,000 5-Star Reviews)

published Jun 16, 2023
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As a shopping editor, I’m always trying to optimize my home and kitchen. I admittedly don’t have a lot of patience for cooking (but I am way more irritated by the prospect of spending $15 on a mediocre salad for lunch in our NYC office), so I try to find ways to make meal prep, cooking, and baking as pain-free as possible.

I came across a recipe for baked egg cups a few months ago and thought that these could be a perfect Trader Joe’s salad supplement or quick on-the-go breakfast. I already had the Great Jones Stud Muffin pan to work with, but I was worried that putting my egg cups directly into the pan would be incredibly hard to scrub off or stain it. I also thought that disposable baking liners would be unnecessarily wasteful because I intended on making egg cups every week. I dug around on Amazon and immediately found the solution: Amazon Basics’ Reusable Silicone Baking Cups.

What Are Silicone Baking Cups?

These silicone baking cups are reusable liners that are specifically designed for muffin tins. You can use them for cupcakes, muffins, egg cups, and other tasty treats. They come in sets of either 12 or 24. These cups are made out of food-grade BPA-free silicone and don’t need to be pre-greased with butter or cooking spray because they’re non-stick. The silicone cups are oven-safe up to 428 degrees, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe. These cups also come in bright colors, so you can designate pink and blue cups, for example, for meatless egg cups. This product has received more than 55,000 reviews on Amazon.

Credit: Alicia Kort.

Why I Love These Silicone Baking Cups

After taking the Amazon Basics Silicone Baking Cups out of the oven for the first time, I immediately noticed that they were actually nonstick. As you can see in the above image, the egg cups aren’t sticking to the side of the liner. They fall right out if I tip the liner over to the side or upside down. Sometimes, there’s a small film of egg on a single groove of the cupcake liner, but that comes off instantly when I hand-wash the liner gently with a sponge. No serious scrubbing required. I also tried to test how these liners would hold up with cupcakes. I thought the cupcakes would be more likely to stick, but they too were easy to take out.

I love that the liners are oven-safe up to 428 degrees. I bake cupcakes and egg cups around 350 degrees, so I feel safe with that large of a temperature margin. They’re also easy to transport to work. And because I’m not using throwaway liners, I’m saving money and not adding unnecessarily to the landfill. I can see myself using these for years to come.