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I Didn’t Expect Amazon’s Cast Iron Skillet to Be This Good — And It’s on Sale Right Now

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Credit: Laura Wheatman Hill

I have been cooking with the Lodge Dutch oven to great success for more than five years — bread, soups, and large pasta casseroles, you name it. But I wanted a smaller skillet to be its friend for sides or on its own for dishes that didn’t require the big, deep pot. I found the perfect companion in an unlikely source: Amazon Basics.

The Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Casserole Skillet is budget-friendly, versatile, durable, and attractive. It has all the things I’ve ever wanted in an everyday piece of cookware, and it’s been holding strong in my kitchen for the past three years.

A Review of the Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Casserole Skillet

I have a red Dutch oven so I got a red Amazon skillet to match. There’s also a cream, navy, orange, and teal — many of which are on sale at the time of this writing. To my surprise when I first unboxed the skillet, the red was the same shade as my Dutch oven and looked like it came from the same set. The two look nice together all year long, but particularly shine on holiday-themed tables.

The skillet is oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and works with all types of cooking surfaces, which expands its versatility. Because the enamel is nonstick, I use it on the stovetop most often for stir-frying, sautéing vegetables, or crumbling taco meat. I do a lot of one-pot meals too. It also makes a really attractive and effective vessel for frittatas, especially because I can finish it in the oven and then put the whole skillet on the table without dirtying another serving bowl or plate.

The wide loop handles make it easy to carry to the table with oven mitts on, while the lid and thick cast iron insulate the food so it stays warm even when it’s been on the table for the duration of a meal. Or, you know, in case people want seconds (or thirds).

Depending on what you’re making, the 3.3-quart size is perfect for mains or sides. It can hold enough stir-fry or taco materials for a family of four, or a six- to eight-egg frittata. It’s also large enough for sides or small casseroles that you can bring for a potluck.

Cleaning cast iron skillets needs to be by hand. I’ve soaked it in the sink for a bit if there’s bits of burnt casserole, but generally it hasn’t been difficult to get it clean with a bit of dish soap and scrubbing. I think it’s actually easier to clean than my dark-bottomed pans! After three years, the light interior is still looking new and there are no cracks or chips to the exterior enamel. 

Before using the Amazon Basics skillet, I would’ve thought I’d need one of the more expensive cast iron or ceramic pieces to get such evenly cooked casseroles and meat, but this budget-friendly piece of cookware gets the job done and I don’t have to feel guilty about the price. In fact, if I had spent hundreds of dollars on a skillet only to cook cowboy mac, perhaps I’d feel that it wasn’t the best use of my money. As is, no matter what I cook, from filet mignon (like my kids would go for that!) to mac and cheese, I know I’ve made a great investment.