The $28 Organizer That Triples the Storage Space on Your Counter Top

published Jan 11, 2023
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A lot of times, products designed to increase the amount of storage space in your home aren’t the best looking. Their function is merely to reduce the clutter in your closet, on your cabinet shelves, and in other cramped spots around the house. Besides, if a shelf riser is going behind a cupboard door, who cares what it looks like? When it comes to open spaces, however, it’s nice to get something that also contributes to the aesthetic of the room, or at least one that doesn’t look obtrusive. As a result, it might take some extra time to find an organizer worthy of going on your desk or countertops. We recently found a solution on Amazon, however, that’s pretty much perfect for the latter. The Ollieroo 3-tier corner shelf system is your answer to messy kitchen counters. It looks great, and you can get it quickly for under $30.

Although you could technically place this shelving system wherever you’d like, its industrial-chic appearance lends itself best to the kitchen area. You get three shelf risers of varying sizes and heights, which allows you to get creative with how you assemble them. The legs are interchangeable, so you can choose which board you want at the highest elevation. Once you’ve decided, simply spear the longest bar through the corner hole in each board, and you’re ready to stack. These sturdy shelves can hold all kinds of weighty kitchen items, such as condiments, oil and vinegar bottles, jarred goods, and more. Attachable hooks on the side of one of the shelves lets you store dish rags, oven mitts, and other hangable things, too.


This product would also make a wonderful spot for your spice collection. Because of its tiered design, you’ll be able to see every container at once and know when something needs to be restocked. Basically, if you have limited counter space, this is the organizer to buy. “What a game changer for my small galley kitchen!” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “I purchased two of these initially, and when I received and assembled them and placed them on my counters, I immediately ordered a third one. They go together easily and only require a tiny screw driver for installing the metal hook strip. My countertops have so much more space and look so organized now instead of things being stacked one on top of the other.”

If you’re wondering whether you can combine two or more sets of shelves, the answer is yes! With these, you can have up to triple the counter space along your backsplash and maintain a homey, sophisticated aesthetic while doing it.