The Tiny, Ingenious Gadget You’ll Want to Use in Your Kitchen and in Restaurants

published Jan 25, 2023
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Ask any chef, and they’ll tell you: Something weird happens when you work in restaurants: suddenly, eating out is no longer just enjoying a meal. When you work in a restaurant, you become acutely aware of every minute detail of the establishment. You notice the scent of the candle in the bathroom, the playlist, the temperature of the plates you’re being served, the timing between courses … every element of a meal becomes a choreographed performance. After all, if you have a day off (and usually, it’s just one day off a week) you rarely want to cook — and besides, eating at new and exciting restaurants can make for some good (and delicious) research. 

As a trained pastry chef, I particularly pay attention to the details of the final course of a meal — I love to imagine the dish being plated, the pastry station setup in the back, and what the prep looked like that day to get every component ready for dinner service. But, as a lover of all things food (and avid wine enthusiast), if I’m spending my hard-earned dough to explore a restaurant, I expect a lot. I think that’s only fair, considering I expected a lot of myself when I worked in kitchens. And, no matter where I go, there’s one tiny-teeny detail that I personally think makes a huge difference in the experience: a bag hook. That’s why, when I stumbled across this brilliant, small-but-mighty bag attachment, well, I knew I wasn’t alone in wanting a safe and easy way to stow away my purse while eating out. 

The truth is, in New York City (and really anywhere) it’s never a great idea to leave your bag (of any kind) hanging over the back of your chair. But, when there’s no under-the-table hook, well, sometimes you have no choice, unless you want to perch the bag atop your lap — talk about affecting the dining experience! The Bagnet allows you to easily stick your bag below the table, all without requiring any effort or thought on your part. 

Here’s some Bagnet metrics for you: The gadget can support up to 8 pounds of weight (so even if I have my trusted Klean Kanteen in there, I can chow down without a worry), it’s crafted from cruelty-free faux leather and polished nickel, and it clocks in at just 2.5 by 1.5 inches (it won’t add any bulk to your bag). It’ll stick to just about any metal surface, whether thats a table leg, bathroom stall door, or bar. And, attaching it to a kitchen towel means you can hang it right on your fridge or oven (as long as it isn’t hot) for easy access.

Credit: Amazon

While I think it’s totally ingenious for restaurant diners, the truth is, the gadget would be game-changing for traveling, sports games, or using in public restrooms. As somewhat of a germaphobe myself, anything that’ll keep my bag off of a dirty floor, I’m here for. And, if you’re anxious (like me), the Bagnet has been tested to be safe around credit cards and electronic devices, so if you’ve got your wallet or phone in your bag, no sweat! 

The brilliant bag attachment comes in a variety of colors and is under $28, so if you’re like me and have multiple frequently used bags (my purse, gym bag, work bag, etc.) it’s affordable to invest in a few (they also come in other finishes and sizes contingent upon your needs and aesthetic desires). Regardless of what you plan on using yours for, you can bet your bottom dollar that if you spot me out on the town enjoying a nice meal, my bag will be safely secured under my table — not on my lap, over the bag of my chair, or between my feet!