This Ingenious $17 Amazon Find Lets You Serve Juice, Milk, and More Hands-Free (and It’s Perfect for Summer Entertaining!)

published Jun 13, 2022
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family drinking mimosas together at home
Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

Nothing says summertime like a cold, icy beverage, whether that means beer, rosé, and watermelon margs or (on the more PG end of the spectrum) freshly squeezed lemonade and strawberry slushies. No matter what it is you plan on sipping throughout summer 2022, we found a must-have gadget that will make enjoying your drink a whole lot easier. You’re welcome!

This Automatic Hands-Free Jug Dispenser is a game changer when it comes to entertaining (and picnics… and big family dinners… and even for the milk in your fridge). All you need to do is pop the dispensing tube into the bottle (or carton), and tap the touch-based nozzle with your glass (or bowl, it’s perfect for cereal milk!), and the liquid will be a-flowin’! The universal lid means you can use the handy device on all sorts of containers, and since it’s battery operated, it’s virtually effortless to use. Put simply: It’s the antithesis of lifting up and pouring (and potentially spilling) that heavy gallon of OJ.

In fact, those who have a bit of trouble lifting and pouring will be left wondering how they ever lived without this Jug Dispenser. “My kids get the [pleasure] of pouring their own drinks like the big kids do but don’t make all the mess since they don’t have to hold the big gallon,” shared one happy mom. “This is also great for elderly. Sometimes the jugs are just too heavy. This way they don’t have to lift and can be more independent. From one realistic mom to the other…..Buy these. You will be wondering why you didn’t sooner.”

But it isn’t just moms who have fallen head over heels. “Hidden gem of a gadget! I use one for my coffee creamer,” said another reviewer, further explaining that the dispenser helped with their daily water intake, “I’ve used a water jug with fruit chopped up in it to make myself drink more water.” Basically, using this dispenser makes drinking anything — even H2O — a lot more fun.

The Jug Dispenser helps to prevent spills and drips when pouring due to its battery-operated push nozzle, which only requires one hand and automatically stops when pressure is removed. And because it’s battery powered, you can rest assured this gadget will suck up the entire container of whatever it is you’ll be slurping on (yes, that includes wine!). One reviewer explained that the Jug Dispenser “gets all the liquid from the bottom of the gallon bottle.” What can we say, we love a product that gives you more bang for your buck.

These brilliant contraptions are discounted right now on Amazon. You’ll get two dispensers for $16 (normally $21) — a dang good deal, especially for a kitchen gadget that is about to make your life so much easier. Cheers!

Buy: Automatic Hands-Free Jug Dispenser, 2 Pack, $16.99 (normally $20.99)